A Culture of Change

Our legacy in action

It’s been said that a species can only thrive when everything around it thrives too. 

But the way we’ve used energy in the last 100 years has been at the cost of both the natural world and the environment.

Our legacy will be one of change. By leading the transition to sustainable energy we can restore the balance that’s been lost.

About – Culture

We are down to earth

Our positive company culture energises and inspires people, but we’re not afraid to be straight up to get the job done. 

An awesome life is a well-balanced one! We work hard during work hours, and we take time to enjoy life, take rest and treasure our families.

Slide RISK MITIGATORS We stack the odds in our favour by taking risks we have the ability to influence​

Slide BE AWESOME We aim to delight:‘great’ is our minimum bar

Slide SOLUTIONS FOCUSSED We embrace problems as opportunities and focus our time and energy on solutions​

Slide THOUGHT LEADERS We have the strength and conviction to create a better path, and to follow gut instincts​

Slide SYNERGY SEEKERS We have each other’s back, and appreciate that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts ​

Slide LEGACY CREATORS We have the strength and conviction to create a better path, and to follow gut instincts​

Slide STRAIGHT UP We are open, honest, direct people who accept responsibility and sweep nothing under the carpet​

Slide POSITIVELY CHARGED We are positive people who approach life and every task full of healthy energy​

We do what’s right

We are sustainable energy thought leaders with an unquenchable thirst for change. We take full responsibility for the job at hand, but we balance our passion by carefully managing risks for the most sustainable outcome.

About – Culture
About – Culture

We make it happen

When it comes to sustainable energy, we believe anything is possible. So we’re always pushing ourselves to be better. This means thinking bigger, working harder and finding a solution to every challenge.

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