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Coming soon: Volkswagen ID.2all previews an electric VW Polo

The Volkswagen ID.2all concept is an affordable small electric car going on sale in 2025

Lawrence Allan Lawrence Allan
21st Mar 2023
5min Read
Coming soon: Volkswagen ID.2all previews an electric VW Polo

Key details of the new Volkswagen ID.2all

  • ID.2all is an electric small hatch concept, sitting below the ID.3
  • Priced from £22k (est)
  • Range of up to 280 miles
  • On sale in 2025

New Volkswagen ID.2all: What is it?

Volkswagen’s smallest and most affordable electric car for the masses. Well, the ID.2all is a concept car for now, but in a couple of years it’ll be taking on cars such as the MG 4 and offering a low-cost entry point into EVs for those on a budget.

VW is targeting an entry price of less than 25,000 Euros, which currently translates to around £22,000. That’s certainly an eye-catching figure, but there’s more to the ID.2all than price alone.

Seems good value. Why should I get excited about the Volkswagen ID.2all?

At that price you may be thinking that the ID.2all will be another tiny electric city car with a low range and not a lot of space for the family. But think again, as VW is making some big promises.

For starters it’s claimed to be “as spacious as a Golf and as inexpensive as a Polo”. The concept is just over four metres long but its wheelbase (the space between the front and rear wheels) is only 20mm shorter than a Golf.

So while it’ll be less roomy for passengers than its bigger brother, the Volkswagen ID.3, you can still expect good levels of space for four adults and enough room for even the bulkiest child seats in the back. You also get an impressive 440-litre boot, which is somehow 60 litres bigger than the ID.3 and nearly 80 litres more than an MG 4.

You won’t be struggling to get it up to motorway speeds, either. Volkswagen has confirmed the ID.2all will have a single electric motor putting 223bhp through the front wheels. That’ll be enough for 0-62mph in around seven seconds – quite a bit faster than your typical small electric car.

The ID 2.all also features an evolved design, looking different from the ID.3 with proportions more like a VW Golf. It features hidden rear door handles, a sporty stance and full-width LED lightbars across the front and rear, which Volkswagen calls ‘ID LIGHT’. It’s said to have a ‘likeable human” face... we’ll leave it up to you to agree or disagree.

Looks smart. But what is the Volkswagen ID.2all's interior like?

Another area where the ID.2all concept is far from bargain-basement is with its cabin tech. A pair of large widescreen displays (a 12.9-inch touchscreen and 10.9-inch instrument display) dominate the dash.

But unlike current VWs, which have lots of touch sensitive controls often criticised for being tricky to use on the move, VW has gone for a more traditional approach with physical buttons and a rotary volume control.

Cool design touches include multi-level lighting surrounding the cabin that can be colour changed to suit your mood, fabric dash trim and a rotary controller to select drive or reverse.

There’s also two wireless phone charging pads and an augmented reality head-up display that, for example, projects arrows onto the windscreen giving sat-nav directions. You’ll even get massaging electric seats on top models, VW claims.

What is the range of the Volkswagen ID.2all?

You’ll be lucky if you get 100 miles of range from some electric city cars, but VW is making claims of up to 280 miles on a charge for the production ID.2all. That would give it a competitively long range for a car of this price point.

That’s from a 56kWh battery pack, but entry-level cars will instead get a smaller 38kWh battery. Expect that to get you about 200 miles from a charge, although VW hasn’t confirmed yet. Fast charging of up to 125kW is claimed to deliver a 10-80% rapid charge in roughly 20 minutes.  

Volkswagen ID.2all: Price, specs and release date

We’d love to tell you it’s on sale next month, but sadly the VW ID.2all is some way off yet.

This concept looks almost like a finished car inside and out. Yet despite VW putting out technical specs, you’ll have to wait another two years (until 2025) before you’ll be able to place an order. That’ll give you time to fill up the piggy bank at least.


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