My First EV

When the time came to buy a new car for my daily 30 mile round-trip between home and the GRIDSERVE office I was tempted to buy a Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in-hybrid. A good all-rounder of a vehicle at a fair price with a battery that should enable my daily commute to be fully electric whilst offering space, comfort and an engine for longer journeys. And then I came across the Nissan Leaf, made here in the UK at the Nissan plant in Sunderland, fully electric, decent 120 mile range and great value - based on a lease and my estimated 8,000 miles a year.

Well, 10,000 miles and just over 2 years later my Leaf has been totally awesome. Winter weather – no problem, use the App to switch the timed heating on and get into a warm, fully de-frosted car with heated seats front and back….oh and the heated steering wheel…not bad for a budget EV!

Charging mostly at home overnight from a PoD 7kW charger has been hassle free and because the range is relatively modest I have never used my Leaf for longer journeys. The smug, silent, satisfaction of driving past a petrol station and knowing that I will never need to go there again is only diminished by the fact that my Leaf is not yet a replacement for the BMW diesel belcher that we use for greater distance travel….that was until now that the new Leaf with a 62kWh battery has been announced with a range in excess of 200 miles. With so many other affordable EV’s also coming to market with similar range when my lease expires, the choice, performance and cost options for my second EV will for sure be even more awesome than for my first, the Nissan Leaf.

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