The World’s Harshest Regions

A Solution to Scarcity

Today, over 1 billion people in the world still live off the grid. This translates to over £23 billion spent every year on disposable batteries, kerosene, diesel and sometimes hazardous materials to accommodate their energy needs.

A Map For the Future

To reach net zero we must reduce diesel and petrol demand and consumption but this is challenging in remote areas.

Hybrid solar solutions are the answer. Remote power networks with bifacial panels, robust energy storage and a back up generator will create a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel use.

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Hybrid Solar: The Difference Is Remarkable

The SEC12 Solar Hybrid System



A Diesel Powered System


Network savings are significant. Hybrid solar not only offers a reduction in operating expense but a reduction in fuel usage and a more reliable supply of sustainable energy to remote locations.

A Case For Change

Critical Power in Developing Nations

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    Decentralised power solutions can alleviate poverty, promote democracy, and deliver a reliable source of both income and power to communities.
  • Remote power – Environment – Our Ambititons
    With this in mind, GRIDSERVE designed the SEC-RS to fuel microeconomies that will give autonomy to remote communities.
  • Remote power – Environment – Our Ambititons
    We wish to provide sustainable energy to increasingly isolated and underdeveloped areas, innovations at the nexus of the food, energy and water systems have become part of our growth strategy.
  • Remote power – Environment – Our Ambititons
    We are already prototyping and progressing with hydro and aquaponic systems and have initiatives in place to address the needs of the developing world.

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