The SEC Remote Series

Fully optimised, integrated and compatible

Compact Design

Suits small site locations

Overhead bifacial solar arrays

Increased yield

Complete Integration

Best in class technology

Fully integrated

Intelligent remote monitoring

Increased reliability

Bifacial Solar

High module conversion efficiency

Greatly increased energy yield

25-year warranty

Lowest LCOE

Solar Mount and Plinth

Canopy, unit, ground or tower mount options​

Combination mounts per load requirement​

No installation pre-construction required​

Secured by helical screw points​

Powder-coated Aluzinc steel​

Climate Control

High quality insulation​

Monitored Ambient temperature​

Dual cooling system​

Efficient DC Air Conditioner​

Internal Free cooling​

Forced Ventilation mode​

Power Controller

48V intelligent charging system​

Battery temperature monitoring​

Fuel and oil level monitoring and reporting​

Oil, fuel and air filter condition monitoring​

Ethernet and RS485 with built-in UMTS/GSM​

Remote Monitoring

Fully integrated communications​

Live streaming telemetry​

Fault notification: SMS, SMTP, SNMP​

Remote management server​

Operator NOC​

Logging and maintenance records​

Military-grade security​

Energy Storage

2 x 19” racks​

Up to 116 kWh of intelligent MNC Lithium technology​

Heavy-duty cells for highest cycle life performance​

Dual cooling system​

Flatpack rectifiers and solar converters​

LV distribution board​

15-26KVA Genset

Best in breed 15/20 kVA primed AC generator​

1,100cc/1,500cc/2,200cc engines​

Optional internal fuel tank 600/1200/1800 litre​

Variable speed operation​

Auto engine start and throttle control​

1000 hour maintenance interval​

Lowest fuel consumption​

Suited to Diesel, Bio-Diesel, LPG, Natural Gas, Bio-Gas​

Securitised Fuel Tank

Integrated 700ltr tanks​

Secure, sensorised bunded design​

Ultrasonic fuel level sensors​

Anti-theft alarms​

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