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Frontrunners in the sustainable energy revolution

GRIDSERVE usher in a new era of subsidy free solar

Our energy landscape is changing, from one historically based on fossil-fuelled power plants, to a new era where thousands of clean renewable energy systems are increasingly providing the energy that our societies depend on.

This transition was originally driven by environmental concerns, as burning coal, oil and natural gas causes air pollution and climate change, however in the last few years impressive cost reductions have now enabled renewable energy solutions to compete on pure economics alone, free of subsidies. 


The most technically advanced solar farm in the UK has just gone live...

GRIDSERVE have engineered a host of technical advancements that focus on fixing grid problems, and serving the grid rather than expecting it to serve us.



GRIDSERVE are at the centre of this sustainable energy revolution. We specialise in developing, engineering, building, and operating sophisticated and robust hybrid energy solutions that seamlessly integrate renewable energy with energy storage.

We have an unrivalled team with decades of experience, and in our opinion, the finest technology partners in the world, with whom we have created our range of best-in-class modular products and associated turn-key services.


We deploy panels that absorb solar energy on both sides, capitalising on 'Albedo' (light bounce) that allows us to harvest more available energy


We use trackers that follow the sun throughout the day as it moves from east to west, maximising and smoothing energy production 


Large lithium ion batteries  store and stabilise energy output, shift power to periods where it is most valuable, and support grid services


We use valuable grid connections to provide a host of grid services, supporting National Grid and Distribution Network Operators

  • Have the team and technology

  • The know-how and execution skill

  • The DD 'bankable' processes

  • The passion and vision


We are actively seeking partnerships with like minded local authorities, councils, developers and land owners to deliver solar farms and Electric Forecourts together. 

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