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GRIDSERVE unveils new High Power Electric Super Hub at Moto Severn View

GRIDSERVE is continuing its multimillion-pound investment in the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway charging network with the launch of its fifth Electric Super Hub in as many months.

  • Moto Severn View is the fifth GRIDSERVE High Power Electric Super Hub to launch in 2022
  • Latest site features six up to 350kW chargers and helps to provide ultra-fast, convenient charging at the gateway to South Wales
  • GRIDSERVE strategic infrastructure rollout continues at pace to address historical EV charging disparity across the UK

GRIDSERVE is continuing its multimillion-pound investment in the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway charging network with the launch of its fifth Electric Super Hub in as many months.

The all-new site at Moto Severn View – located to the north-west of Bristol at junction one of the M48 – features six of GRIDSERVE’s industry-leading High Power chargers from launch, with capacity to expand to 12 chargers when future demand requires it. The chargers use the latest technology, and can deliver up to 350kW of power, meaning the latest electric vehicles could add 100 miles of range in less than 10 minutes. 

To date, in addition to upgrading all the legacy Medium Power Chargers over the last year, GRIDSERVE and Moto, the UK’s largest Motorway Service Area business, have successfully launched five Electric Super Hubs in historically underserved areas of the UK, including Swansea, Rugby, Thurrock and Burton-in-Kendal. Utilising all-new grid connections, the purpose of Electric Super Hubs is to change the EV charging paradigm by deploying the most powerful EV chargers in large volumes to alleviate charging anxiety.

All GRIDSERVE Electric Super Hubs have been designed to feature both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, accept contactless payments and provide at least one extra-wide accessible charging bay for every six EV charging spaces. With real-time status updates shared with a myriad of the most popular EV charging maps, including Zap-Map, drivers can have complete confidence in GRIDSERVE’s rapidly expanding network, knowing the availability of chargers before arriving on site. 

Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE, said:
“We’re building a robust, dependable, nationwide charging network so that anyone, anywhere, can feel confident about driving an electric vehicle and have a great charging experience. As well as providing a fantastic charging solution at the gateway to South Wales, we also hope this latest Electric Super Hub can raise awareness around the benefits of going electric for commuters in nearby Bristol, and help support its admirable, and necessary ambition to become a carbon neutral and climate resilient city by 2030.” 

This summer, Bristol will become one of the first UK cities to introduce a Clean Air Zone and levy charges on older and more polluting vehicles driving into the city centre. Not only do electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, but they are also exempt from fees upon entering the UK’s Clean Air and Congestion Charging Zones and are far cheaper to run than the equivalent petrol or diesel alternatives. In keeping with GRIDSERVE’s purpose to deliver sustainable energy and move the needle on climate change, all Electric Super Hubs are powered by 100% net zero carbon energy.

Moto Chief Executive, Ken McMeikan said: 
“We are absolutely delighted with the accelerated progress our partnership with GRIDSERVE is making towards delivering a more sustainable future of motoring. Our latest Ultra Rapid Charging Hub at Moto Severn View offers road users at the gateway to South Wales with further capacity, reliability, simplicity and the charging speeds they require. It’s vital that the electric vehicle charging experience is transformed for drivers across the UK’s motorway network and we’re currently on track to deliver above and beyond Government-set targets of six rapid chargers at each motorway service area by 2023.”

In addition to the newly launched Electric Super Hub, the Moto Severn View site retains its 60kW Medium Power GRIDSERVE charger, complete with CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, as well as two untethered 22kW AC chargers.


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