Network Pricing

Clean energy, competitive pricing

We’re undertaking the biggest investment in our history to deliver a UK-wide High Power UK charging network at the speed and scale required to meet the demand of electric vehicles and help move the needle on climate change. We’re always working hard to keep pricing as low as possible in the long term.

Our network pricing

The current pricing across the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway is as follows, as per 30 November 2023


DC Charging

Power: up to 350kW
Connector types: CCS, CHAdeMO

We’ve standardised our DC charging pricing to be the same across the network so that you know what to expect when you charge on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway. Whether at our Medium Power chargers, which are capable of speeds up to 60kW, or our High Power 350kW-capable chargers, you’ll pay 79p/kWh. You’ll only ever be charged for the energy (per kWh) you receive rather than the speed of charge. This means the rate stays the same whether you’re plugged in alone, dual charging or via an AC socket on a DC Medium Power charger. We continue to invest in the latest charging technology with High Power 350kW-capable chargers being added to the network all the time, increasing charging speeds and charger availability.


AC Charging

Power: up to 22kW
Connector types: Type 2

Our Low Power chargers provide an extra level of EV charging flexibility as they use a Type 2 connector and provide a maximum output of 22kW. Type 2 charge ports are featured on most plug-in electric vehicles, regardless of age, which is why you’ll find them on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway including at our Electric Forecourts®. The rates are per kWh delivered during your charging session – that means the amount of energy you receive rather than the speed of charge. While we offer this pricing for our standalone Low Power AC chargers, if you’re plugged into an AC socket on a Medium Power DC charger you’ll pay the higher DC charger price per kWh.

Pre-authorisation charges

Pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of funds, which is immediately released once charging is completed. We’ve kept our pre-authorisation charges to £1 across almost all of the network, the only exception is Moto Rugby Services Electric Super Hub. At this location, the charger delivers energy until it reaches the pre-authorisation limit, then it stops charging, providing you haven’t stopped the charging session before that point. If further energy is required, you then need to restart the charging session. To limit disruption to charging sessions, we have set the pre-authorisation at £40 at Rugby. 

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