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Energy shouldn't cost the earth

The greatest source of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the extraction and consumption of fossil fuels. If we continue to burn stuff at our current rate, the world is going to burn us.

The good news is that we already have the solutions in place to provide clean, home-grown energy that’s abundant, sustainable and much cheaper to produce than oil, gas or coal.

That’s the sort of future we’re committed to delivering.

“There has never been a stronger imperative to remove our reliance on fossil fuels to power our industries, heat our homes and drive our cars. The good news is we now have the solutions in place to tackle the climate emergency. We just need to deliver.”

Toddington Harper CEO, GRIDSERVE


Our Sun-to-Wheel ecosystem

Sun-to-Wheel is a big, bold idea for a moment that requires big, bold ideas. It’s a bit like the oil industry’s well-to-wheel process – but without any of the bad stuff – and allows us to deliver net zero transport that’s better for your pocket and our planet.

By generating zero carbon energy with large scale hybrid solar + battery farms, then storing it safely, we build up a massive supply of clean energy to support the grid when the sun goes down.

By distributing our zero carbon energy to our UK-wide network, we ensure every kWh of energy used across the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway is replaced with a kWh of net zero energy – giving all EV drivers a reliable source of sustainable charging.

To inspire a systematic shift, we offer a state-of-the-art EV test drive and leasing service that makes it easy for drivers to make the switch. The consumption of clean, sustainable energy throughout the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway also helps to save tonnes of carbon in the process.


Help to build our network

GRIDSERVE is always looking for new sites that will help us deliver the clean energy revolution we need to move the needle on climate change.

If you’re a farmer or property landlord with land you’d like to develop, our development team want to hear from you.

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