Sustainable EV Charging Station Network

Seamless charging powered by sustainable energy

Driving the green revolution

The GRIDSERVE Electric Highway was born out of a simple question: how could we best deploy all of the sustainable, hybrid solar energy we generate to help move the needle on climate change? Our answer was through transport.

Our charging network delivers a new reality where people can still embrace the pleasure of driving and enjoy the freedom of the open road, but in a more affordable and planet-friendly way.


Helping you take charge

To make switching to an electric vehicle as effortless as it is equitable, our charging network covers all connector types and provides different speeds for different needs.

  •  Latest EV charging technology
  • Contactless payment facilities
  • 24/7 customer service backup
  • Powered by sustainable energy
  • Compatible with all major vehicle manufacturers

Robust, reliable and affordable

We’ve embarked on a multimillion-pound programme to improve dependability, ease of use and availability of chargers on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway. We continue to upgrade existing locations with additional High Power chargers and build new, state-of-the-art EV charging facilities to meet the growing demand.

And we’re always keen to work with new partners to deliver the best EV charging experience for customers.

Work with us

Our EV charging infrastructure

GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourts®

The first dedicated EV charging stations of their kind in Europe.

Electric Super Hubs

High volume, high power chargers ensure the swiftest getaway.

Electric Hubs

We already cover 80% of the UK’s motorway and we’re growing.

Destination Hubs

Delivers the best EV charging experience at places you already visit.

What our customers say

Frequently asked questions

Reporting a map issue

We’re constantly working to maintain the accuracy of our mapping data so it can be a useful real-time resource for drivers on our network.

If you notice any inconsistencies with our map or any third-party apps or maps, please let us know via our live chat or contact us form here or on our customer service hotline 0333 1234 333.

To find an electric vehicle (EV) charging location, you can use our interactive map which provides real-time updates on the status, speed, connector types and availability of EV chargers across the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway

This is the best place to find the most up to date information on our network.

  1. Type an area, postcode or motorway into the search bar on the map

  2. Browse for a suitable site nearby

  3. The sites are colour-coded depending on what type they are: Electric Hub (Teal), Electric Super Hub (Yellow), Electric Forecourt® (Green)

  4. Click on a location and it will let you know the specific EV charging connectors (CCS, CHAdeMO or AC) that are available

  5. Our nifty icons will show you if an EV charger is available, in use or offline

  6. Click on ‘Directions’ to switch to your chosen mapping app for a route to the charger

We offer four different types of EV charging venues and cover the length and breadth of the UK. These include:

    • Electric Super Hubs: High Power EV chargers deployed in big numbers, to ensure the swiftest getaway
    • Electric Forecourts®: The first dedicated EV charging stations of their kind in Europe, providing an unrivalled charging experience
    • Electric Hubs: Medium Power EV chargers that cover more than 80% of the UK’s motorway service areas
    • Destination Hubs: Delivering a mixture of Low, Medium and High Power EV chargers at popular places you already visit

You can read more about our locations here.

How long will I need to charge for? 

How long it takes to charge your electric car will depend on the size of your car’s battery, the speed of the charger and the car’s ability to accept this charge.

Read more about that here.

Our step-by-step guide will show you how to start charging your electric vehicle along the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway.

Good news: it’s the same simple process, no matter where you’re plugging in with us.

  1. Identify the appropriate connector for your vehicle (either CCS, CHAdeMO or Type 2)

  2. Take the connector from the holster and plug it into your vehicle’s charge port

  3. Tap your debit/credit card or contactless payment device (e.g. the Google or Apple Pay app) against the payment terminal

  4. Our payment system reserves a £1 (all GRIDSERVE Electric Highway locations) or £35 (Moto Rugby Services) pre-authorisation from your account, which is released once your EV charging session is complete. Read more about pre-authorisation chargers here.

  5. Wait for the connector to lock into your vehicle and the charging session to begin

  6. Grab a coffee and relax

  7. To end your EV charging session, tap your contactless card on the payment terminal, or press Stop on the screen. Wait for the connector to unlock before returning it to the holster

On Medium Power EV chargers it is possible to charge two cars simultaneously on the same unit. There will be signage informing you if this is possible.

The charger will have two cables: either CCS and CHAdeMO or two CCS connectors.

While two cars are charging, the power is shared between the vehicles, reducing the amount supplied to each vehicle.


To learn more about pricing on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, please visit our pricing page here.

All chargers available on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway accept contactless payment, making them accessible to all electric vehicle drivers.

There’s no need for an app or membership to charge with us.

Paying for your charging session with GRIDSERVE is easier than one, two, three.

To pay, simply tap your contactless card or device against the payment terminal, which supports Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

We also accept fuel and membership cards such as Allstar One Electric, Allstar Visa, Mina Chargepass, Paua and Plugsurfing.

We are looking forward to launching a GRIDSERVE membership scheme and more details will be available soon.

Even after we launch our membership scheme, we’ll continue to offer contactless payment for all, so you will always be able to charge on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway.

The GRIDSERVE app is coming soon and will provide lots of additional functionality that we hope you’ll love. We’re really looking forward to telling you more about it.