Hybrid solar farms
Power everything

That's the equivalent of 220 million miles in an EV - enough to go to the moon and back 450 times

We've installed over 240,000 bifacial solar panels across four solar farms

That's because burning fossil fuels to generate 62 GW of energy creates up to 13,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Hello, sunshine

Did you know that all of the energy in petrol and diesel came from the sun? We’re skipping the 300 million years it takes to make fossil fuels and harvesting new sunlight on our hybrid solar farms to provide instant clean energy.

GRIDSERVE’s solar farms are kitted out with motorised trackers that follow the sun, bifacial panels to capture more light and quarter-cut N-type perc cells to ensure we harvest as much energy as we can.

We’ve invested in the best technology because it boosts efficiency, meaning we can generate electricity for the lowest possible cost which then allows us to pass those savings on to our customers. Win-win.

Hybrid solar farms

With great power comes great responsibility

GRIDSERVE puts the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity at the heart of every hybrid solar farm development. That’s because we know that the more species living in an ecosystem, the higher its productivity and resilience.

Hybrid solar farms

Carbon capture in progress

We look for low-grade agricultural land to build our solar farms and as part of the process we plant native grasslands and broadleaved woodlands. This means that GRIDSERVE’s solar farms sequester more carbon than the land otherwise would – up to two thirds as much in some cases.

Our Clayhill hybrid solar farm in numbers

Clayhill is proof of concept for our Sun-to-Wheel energy ecosystem. Our 10MWp Hybrid Solar Farm was the first subsidy-free solar farm in the UK. It generates 9.5GWh of clean energy every year for our Electric Super Hubs and Electric Forecourts®. That’s enough charge to drive 16,711,408 miles.

Let there be light

There’s nothing more powerful or dependable than the sun. Here’s why we’re harnessing it.

The earth receives around 174,000 TW of energy in the form of sunshine everyday, which is 200,000 times the world’s total daily electricity needs.

With the right technology in place, solar projects can generate electricity more affordably than any other source of energy.

Thanks to hybrid solar farms with onsite batteries, clean energy can be generated, stored and shifted to wherever it’s needed at lightning speed.

We’ve got around five billion years’ worth of solar energy left but only 50 years’ worth of fossil fuels.

Building a solar farm leaves an insignificant carbon footprint and once built it can offset carbon emissions with the right vegetation.

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