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How long will I need to charge for? 

How long it takes to charge your electric car will depend on the size of your car’s battery, the speed of the charger and the car’s ability to accept this charge.

Read more about that here.

Our step-by-step guide will show you how to start charging your electric vehicle along the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway.

Good news: it’s the same simple process, no matter where you’re plugging in with us.

  1. Identify the appropriate connector for your vehicle (either CCS, CHAdeMO or Type 2)

  2. Take the connector from the holster and plug it into your vehicle’s charge port

  3. Tap your debit/credit card or contactless payment device (e.g. the Google or Apple Pay app) against the payment terminal

  4. Our payment system reserves a £1 (all GRIDSERVE Electric Highway locations) or £35 (Moto Rugby Services) pre-authorisation from your account, which is released once your EV charging session is complete. Read more about pre-authorisation chargers here.

  5. Wait for the connector to lock into your vehicle and the charging session to begin

  6. Grab a coffee and relax

  7. To end your EV charging session, tap your contactless card on the payment terminal, or press Stop on the screen. Wait for the connector to unlock before returning it to the holster

On Medium Power EV chargers it is possible to charge two cars simultaneously on the same unit. There will be signage informing you if this is possible.

The charger will have two cables: either CCS and CHAdeMO or two CCS connectors.

While two cars are charging, the power is shared between the vehicles, reducing the amount supplied to each vehicle.

Removing the cable

If the cable is at a slight angle, it may be hard to pull out after a charge and it’s easy to think that it has become stuck.

Ensure the charging connector and cable are straight and give it a firm pull. If this fails to work, many cars have an emergency release function which makes it possible to release the cable.

If both approaches fail, call the customer service hotline on 0333 1234 333 and an agent can remotely request the charger to release.

Our step-by-step guide will show you how to stop charging your electric vehicle with us.

It’s as easy as starting the charge but there’s a few things to watch out for:

  1. To end your EV charging session, tap your contactless card or device on the payment terminal

    You can also press the ‘STOP’ button on the charging unit’s digital screen to complete your session. If you’re plugged into a Medium Power unit that is supporting dual charging, make sure you’re stopping the correct connector

  2. Wait for charging to stop and for the connector to unlock

  3. Return the connector to the holster

Automatic vend 

Automatic vend happens when the EV chargers are experiencing communication problems. While in this mode, we will offer EV charging free of charge until we can get everything back up and running again. It ensures that our customers can always rely on our network.

We hope that charging on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our map shows live charger status so you know what to expect when you arrive.

However, we do understand that things go wrong. Here’s what to do if you experience a problem with any of our EV chargers:

If you are at a GRIDSERVE charger and are experiencing difficulties, call our 24/7 customer service helpline on 0333 1234 333 for real-time assistance.

If you didn’t call from the location and don’t wish to sign up to the support portal, please get in touch via the contact us form here or use live chat. We ask that you provide as many of the following details as possible so we can track your session:

  1. Date and time:

  2. Location:

  3. Charger number:

  4. Connector type:

  5. Error message on the screen:

We are always aiming to improve the real-time status of the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway but sometimes there can be issues with one of our EV chargers that is not reflected correctly on the map.

If you notice any inconsistencies with our map or any third-party apps or maps, please let us know via live chat or the contact us page here.

If you’re at one of our EV chargers, then please call our customer service hotline 0333 1234 333 so that we can get you and the charger back up and running as quickly as possible.

If you have noticed any damage to the charger during your visit, please contact our 24/7 customer service helpline on 0333 1234 333, drop us a line on live chat or complete the form here, providing the charger number, location and a photograph or brief description of the problem.

The price of energy on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway varies depending on whether you choose AC or DC charging. All prices are calculated based on the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh). You can check out our current pricing here.

How to improve your charging speed

Pre-conditioning your electric vehicle’s battery can improve both charging speed and overall vehicle performance. Essentially this means warming up your battery before charging so it’s ready to accept higher power. You’ll find many vehicles have a scheduling option on their app so you can schedule preconditioning before you set off.

The charger you’re plugged into and the model of your electric car will determine how fast you can top up your battery.

Across the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, we offer a range of EV chargers with different power outputs. We have split them into three categories:

Our High Power chargers are located at our Electric Super Hubs, Electric Retail Hubs and Electric Forecourts®, delivering up to 360kW.

Some of these units cater for both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, with CHAdeMO output limited to 100kW.

We currently have two types of High Power chargers on the network. Some have two connectors but are not able to charge two cars simultaneously. These will have one charging bay per unit.

Some of our High Power chargers can charge two cars at once and will be situated in the middle of two charging bays, indicating that two vehicles can park and plug in at the same time, as the examples below show.

Single bay High Power charger

Dual bay High Power charger

Our Medium Power chargers can supply up to 90kW and can be found at our Electric Hubs, Braintree Electric Forecourt® and Electric Retail Hubs across the network, catering to both CCS and CHAdeMO users. 

Most units are also able to support dual charging, which allows two vehicles to plug in and charge at the same time. However, dual charging does split the charger’s power in half between both connectors. 

What we refer to as our standalone Low Power AC chargers can be found across the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, including some provision at our Electric Forecourts®. These are untethered so remember to bring your own cable.

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