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Five things you need to know about the UK’s most advanced hybrid solar farm

Here at GRIDSERVE we think solar power is pretty awesome and is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to driving and charging an EV.

That means building solar farms right here in the UK to generate home-grown energy where it’s needed most (rather than shipping it halfway across the world at a huge carbon cost). And we’ve already started.

Welcome to the UK’s most advanced hybrid solar farm in Cirencester. The electricity it creates will help provide net zero energy for Warrington Borough Council’s fleet of all-electric buses.


Here’s five things you need to know about the solar farm


88 acres

The area that the Cirencester hybrid solar farm covers – equivalent to more than 50 football pitches.


The total number of bi-facial solar panels on site. We use bi-facial panels so that both sides of the cells are exposed to sunlight to maximise energy capture. It’s the same reason our panels are fitted with trackers so they can automatically tilt throughout the day to increase sun exposure.


That stands for Megawatt peak – the maximum power output from the Cirencester solar farm in ideal conditions (i.e. no dust or dirt on the panels, full sun, non-extreme temperatures).


The capacity of our on-site battery storage system. The DC-coupled unit stores any excess solar energy produced, which we can use later to supply the grid when demand peaks.


The average number of homes the solar farm could power each year from energy created.