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Best electric cars to lease with a salary sacrifice scheme

Joe Finnerty Joe Finnerty
22nd Aug 2023
5min Read
Best electric cars to lease with a salary sacrifice scheme

An electric car salary sacrifice scheme is a great way to get into a top-of-the-range model for a fraction of the cost – and what’s great is you’re free to use it for both business and personal use.

There’s no upfront cost and fixed monthly payments are up to 40% lower than personal leasing thanks to tax savings. Plus, all your motoring running costs like insurance and servicing are rolled into the monthly fee. Find out more about how salary sacrifice schemes work with our complete guide.

Salary sacrifice schemes do still require you to pay Benefit-in-Kind tax, similar to a regular company car scheme, but as all electric cars offer extremely low rates compared to petrol or diesel equivalents you’re spoilt for choice.

Want to know more about the benefits of salary sacrifice? Check out our salary sacrifice guide.

Ultimately, what you opt for depends on what you need to prioritise both for work and personal driving: practicality, comfort, range, performance.

We’ve picked a range of the best salary sacrifice electric cars to help you choose…




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Want to get straight to the best electric cars for salary sacrifice in 2023?

Tesla Model Y

BMW i4


Ford Mustang Mach-E

Kia EV6

Hyundai IONIQ 5

Mercedes-Benz EQB

MINI Electric


The best-seller: Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is the UK’s best-selling electric car – and for good reason. It’s got a massive boot that’s large enough for buggies, luggage, shopping or golf gear, and there’s space for a whole family inside and it’s got the range to match – around 300 miles on a single charge. Add in the trademark Tesla performance (0-60mph in less than four seconds in Performance spec) with the very latest in-car technology and you get an EV that’s hard to beat. 




The comfortable cruiser: BMW i4

BMWs have been the number one choice as UK company cars for decades and the switch to electric has done little to change that. With an appealing range of ‘i’ models that mirror the petrol and diesel line-up, the German manufacturer has plenty going for it. If you prefer to stick with a more traditional exec saloon over the more en vogue SUVs, then the BMW i4 is a great option and a real rival to the all-conquering Tesla Model 3. The cabin is luxurious, there’s plenty of technology, performance is impressive and the range is just shy of 400 miles.




The credit cruncher: MG4

‘Electric cars are expensive’, cry the naysayers. Sure, but with a salary sacrifice scheme that’s put to rest on most models. But here’s one that defies convention even more: the MG4. It is one of the most impressive and affordable electric cars on sale. It’s stylish to look at, offers a generous list of technology, is a joy to drive and, in the extended range model, will give you well over 250 miles of range. The MG4 is the perfect choice for anyone looking to keep costs down without making too many compromises. 




The long ranger: Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is the company’s first venture into electric cars and the legendary name doesn’t disappoint, playing up to the Mustang’s reputation for performance and style. The crossover SUV is practical and comfortable with a look and a feel that can rival more expensive models. For those who need a car that can go the distance, either for work or family trips, the Mustang Mach-E is hard to beat with over 350 miles when in Extended Range spec. Few can rival that mix at this price.




The family all-rounder: Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 has been collecting global car awards left, right and centre… and for good reason. Whether you’re on the road all day for work, daily commuting in town, taking the family away for a long weekend or doing the school run, the EV6 excels at them all. It ticks every box going, from comfort to technology, and range to performance – and what’s more it’s all at an affordable price. When you add on the savings from a salary sacrifice scheme, the Kia EV6 is hard to beat.   




The head-turner: Hyundai IONIQ 5

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 has set the standard for what you can do with an EV when you think outside the box. The design looks like nothing else on the road right now, with hot hatch styling hiding a spacious interior that’s more like a small SUV. Inside it’s extremely well-equipped with innovative infotainment and connectivity tech. Add in the fact that with the larger battery you’ll be good for over 300 miles range and it’s little wonder that praise for the IONIQ 5 has been universal. The price can be a blocker to some, which is why it makes so much sense on a salary sacrifice scheme, as you’ll be able to make huge savings. 




The seven-seater: Mercedes-Benz EQB

If you’re in the market for a family SUV then you’ve got plenty of options but not many can offer the versatility, space and comfort of the Mercedes-Benz EQB. The biggest selling point for the EQB is that it comes with the option of seven seats. If you’ve got a big family, then there’s few electric cars that can transport this many people in this type of style and comfort. Impressively, it delivers seven seats without being minibus-sized so it’s both stylish and relatively compact for parking in the multi-storey. That’s before you consider its comfortable interior and around 250 miles of range.




The city slicker: MINI Electric

The MINI Electric is one of the most recognisable and much-loved city cars in the UK - and now there’s an electric version. The MINI Electric has the trademark go-kart handling combined with the punchy acceleration that EVs deliver. In fact, performance figures for the MINI Electric are more in line with the sporty petrol-powered Cooper models. With its small dimensions and range of under 150 miles, the MINI is perfect if you’re going to be nipping around town but crucially still has enough comfort for longer weekend trips for a MINI adventure.



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