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Coming soon: Kia EV9 seven-seat electric SUV

Kia takes aim at the Tesla Model X revealing a new, bold-looking large SUV on sale in late 2023

Lawrence Allan Lawrence Allan
21st Mar 2023
4min Read
Coming soon: Kia EV9 seven-seat electric SUV

Key details about the Kia EV9

  • Kia EV9, a large electric seven-seat SUV
  • Priced from £60-80k (est)
  • Range of up to 336 miles
  • On sale in autumn 2023

What is it?

Kia’s biggest and poshest electric car yet, and one that should give even BMW and Audi something to think about. The range-topping Kia EV9 is a large SUV with a bold exterior design and a spacious, family-friendly cabin.

After a 'soft' reveal earlier this month Kia has now given a bit more technical data including confirming two battery sizes and different motor options. A maximum range of up to 336 miles is promised.

Sitting above the five-seat Kia EV6, the new EV9 is the first of 14 electric cars that Kia will have on sale by 2027. It’s also set to be the brand’s most expensive car yet, with prices expected (but not confirmed) to start from over £60,000 and rise to more than £80,000 for top versions. Best get saving…

Why should I get excited?

Well, the biggest news with the Kia EV9 is that you can become the king of the school run: there’s seven proper seats inside.

Of course seven-seat SUVs are nothing new, but electric ones aren’t exactly common. You can choose from the similarly big Tesla Model X, or the significantly smaller Mercedes-Benz EQB, and… well, that’s it.

While it might not have the Tesla Model X’s crazy Falcon doors, the EV9 will still attract plenty of curtain twitching from neighbours thanks to the bold, angular design. Elements of the body are 3D sculpted, and despite that blocky shape the Kia is meant to be as aerodynamic as a much lower car.

There's lots of tech to future-proof the EV9 too. Over-the-air updates will improve the software and user experience over time, while in countries which allow it the EV9 will get 'Level 3' self-driving tech enabling it to handle most road situations by itself as long as the driver is still ready to take over. 

It looks cool. But what’s it like inside?

It’s certainly the poshest-looking cabin we’ve ever seen from a Kia, at least in images. Instead of the usual plastic trims you get textured fabric on the dash and doors, plus a big and clever dual-screen touchscreen and instrument display.

Like the EV6 Kia has maximised space with a ‘floating’ centre console, while other practical touches include a slide-out table between the front seats, and physical switches alongside haptic feedback button controls.

Being 20cm longer than the EV6 between the front and rear wheels unlocks all that extra space.  But what if you don’t have multiple kids to ferry about, and instead want to give all your mates a lift home from the pub?

Don’t worry, because the Kia EV9 can also be had a six-seater with a pair of ‘captain’s chairs’ in the middle row that rotate round to face the two seats in the back. That’ll be great for socialising and card games on long trips, although we don’t yet know if it’ll be legal to swivel them on the move in the UK.

How far can I drive it on a charge?

We've now got more of a technical lowdown on the new Kia EV9. Buyers will be able to choose from a rear-wheel-drive, single-motor model or a four-wheel drive, dual-motor model. 

The single-motor car puts out 215bhp and 350Nm of torque, enough for a 0-62mph time of 9.4 seconds. Underneath the floor is a 76.1kWh battery - although Kia hasn't confirmed the range of this car, expect over 250 miles to be quoted. 

Not fast enough for you? You'll need the dual-motor model, with a much heftier 380bhp and 600Nm. 0-62mph is taken care of in six seconds flat, but Kia says an optional over-the-air update will eventually take that down to just 5.3 seconds via a 'boost' feature. This version also comes with a bigger 100kWh battery. Again, Kia hasn't quoted the range for this one, but we'd estimate it at just under 300 miles. 

Kia EV9

But the longest-range Kia EV9 is the Long Range RWD, which puts out a more modest 201bhp (still enough for 0-62mph in a reasonable 9.4 seconds). Sacrificing power but using the bigger 100kWh battery gives it the full 336-mile range. 

Cutting-edge 800-volt charging tech gives rapid charging speeds that allow nearly 150 miles of range to be added from a rapid charger in just 15 minutes. All these figures put the Kia EV9 very close to the longest-range Tesla Model X and the more expensive Mercedes EQS SUV.

When is it available to buy or lease?

The Kia EV9 will arrive later in 2023. You’ll be able to order one in the second half of the year, with cars hitting showrooms in the autumn and customer deliveries before the end of the year.

As well as the three power options and two battery sizes, Kia says there will be 'standard' and sportier GT-Line versions available. 


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