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Rimac creates standalone company to focus on electric vehicle technology

Engineering division of Rimac Group separated from Bugatti Rimac hypercar company

18th Jan 2022
Rimac creates standalone company to focus on electric vehicle technology

In a press release today, Rimac announced that The Rimac Group is now "fully operational" as an umbrella company, incorporating Bugatti Rimac and an all-new standalone business, Rimac Technology.

In the statement, Rimac said that it plans to expand upon its "engineering, development, production and supply of high-performance battery systems, electric drive units, electronic systems, and user interface components that Rimac is known for".

Rimac Technology already has relationships with manfacturers in the automotive space all over Europe. Some of the businesses they work with including global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) usch as Porsche, Hyundai, Kia, Aston Martin and more.

The business will operate entirely as its own entity, without oversight from manufacturers. This means they're free to collaborate technically on the development of its projects, without being restricted by outside interests.

Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Group said, "Separating the technology business into its own entity is a natural step as the focus of the two markets, hypercars and components, are completely different. For example – the products of Rimac Technology, while being on the cutting edge of performance, also need to be extremely cost competitive and producible at huge scales, while those issues are secondary for the hypercar business."


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