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The most sought-after EVs around the world

Joe Finnerty Joe Finnerty
29th Mar 2023
5min Read
The most sought-after EVs around the world

The electric revolution is well underway… and it’s not just in the UK. Manufacturers around the globe are embracing the switch to EV and releasing increasingly impressive new models. 

From design to technology, and from range to comfort, electric car drivers have a happy dilemma when it comes to picking their perfect make and model. 

So which cars are topping the shop list of motorists around the world? GRIDSERVE has analysed the online behaviour of the world’s drivers to determine which EVs are generating the most interest and where.


The Lexus RZ generates more interest in more countries than any other EV

Of the 213 countries analysed, electric cars from 32 different manufacturers were revealed as the most popular.

But it was the Lexus RZ that was the most searched-for model in most countries, topping the charts in 47 countries around the world – accounting for one in every five nations.

Perhaps the fact that the RZ is Lexus’ first purpose-built EV and that the SUV features a unique yoke-style steering wheel explains the desired glances from the world’s motorists. 

By comparison, the second-placed Tesla Model 3 was top in 35 countries, followed by the Kia EV6 in 15 countries.


By total online searches, the Tesla Model 3 is the overall winner

Analysing the results by total searches across all countries, however, highlights the Model 3 as the clear winner.

The hugely popular EV amassed just shy of 20 million searches (19,989,872) in 2022 – four million more than the Kia EV6 in second (15,815,185 searches).

The most sought-after EVs by global search volume

Electric vehicle

Global search volume (based on 2022 Google Keyword Planner data)

Tesla Model 3


Kia EV6


Tesla Model Y


Hyundai IONIQ 5


Tesla Model S


Porsche Taycan


Tesla Model X


Polestar 2


Lexus RZ


BMW i4


Tesla’s Model Y takes bronze (13,908,451 searches), while the Model S and Model X sit in fifth and seventh respectively, on 11,459,099 and 9,535,778 searches.

Tesla also performed well on a country level, taking wins in key EV markets like the US, UK, China and Norway.


Model 3 searches in Europe, North America and Oceania alone account for 88% of the global total

The Model 3 appears as the most sought-after EV in three of the six continents (Europe, North America and Oceania). Interest in the Model 3 in these continents alone (a total of 17,654,842 searches) accounts for a huge 88% of the vehicle’s global searches.

Drivers in Asia, however, are most interested in the Tata Nexon EV (2,405,640 searches), produced by the same automotive giant behind Jaguar and Land Rover, while those in Africa opt for the Lexus RZ (454,390 searches). 

South American motorists are most interested in the Porsche Taycan (884,310 searches), although Tesla’s Model 3, Model S and Model X take the second, third and fourth places with between 477,270 and 657,620 searches.


The Model 3 dominates in the States

Tesla’s desirability is again evident in a state-by-state breakdown of the US, with the all-electric saloon generating the most interest in 41 of the50 US states. Its popularity even stretches as far as Hawaii, 2,000 miles from the mainland and the only state not connected to North America.

Among those more interested in other EVs are Colorado, Utah and Washington, where the Kia EV6 comes out on top. The Hyundai IONIQ 5 accounts for another three states (Maine, Oregon and Vermont)

In the mountainous states of Montana and Wyoming where pick-ups reign supreme, it's the Rivian R1T that is most searched for while the Cadillac LYRIQ is top in  Michigan.


The Model 3 is the most sought-after EV in every UK city

Despite the Tesla Model Y ranking as the UK’s best-selling car, it’s actually the Model 3 that is most sought after by British drivers. Search data from 20 cities found it attracted 416,620 searches in 2022, from Edinburgh to Southampton.

In fact, Tesla accounts for four of the ten most searched-for EV models in the UK; the best-selling Model Y is in second with 364,910 searches, followed by the Model X (235,010 searches) and Model S (227,420) in seventh and eighth respectively.

The Kia EV6 (331,990 searches), Porsche Taycan (311,950 searches) and Hyundai IONIQ 5 (290,930 searches) make up the top five.

The Polestar 2 (275,330 searches), BMW i4 (202,980 searches) and BMW iX (195,440 searches) complete the top ten most sought-after models in the UK.


Volvo’s new electric seven-seater is expected to be one of 2023’s biggest EVs

Looking at search data from July to December 2022, we’re able to forecast which EVs are most anticipated for the remainder of 2023. While Tesla is still a strong performer in the top 10 with the Semi truck ranking fourth, there are six other manufacturers vying for top spot. 

And it’s the Volvo EX90, the all-electric answer to the XC90, that is expected to generate the most interest this year, recording the highest increase in search volume in 29 countries. With very few electric cars offering seven seats, it appears families around the globe are eagerly waiting for the EX90 SUV. 

Two BMWs feature in 2023's hot list, with the flagship i7 luxury saloon in second place followed by the iX. In fifth is the Rimac Nevera, which comes with a £2 million price tag and claims to be the fastest EV on the planet.

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Using Google Keyword Planner, we gathered the number of online searches for 317 EVs, across 213 countries, 50 US states and 20 UK cities. The resulting data told us which were the most sought-after EVs in each of these locations.

We then analysed the search volumes between July and December 2022 to determine which models had the largest increases in searches going into 2023. This data allowed us to predict which EVs are most likely to be popular in 2023.

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