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From £484.99 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £404.16 Per Month (exc. VAT)

With bold, futuristic styling, Kia’s EV6 SUV is instantly recognisable. The brand’s distinctive tiger face grille has been given a modern makeover, and with a flat floor for boost efficiency, Kia has created a car that both looks the part and delivers what the visuals promise. It accelerates nearly as quickly as it charges – few cars can accept 60 miles of range in under 5 minutes. It’s a brilliant choice for anyone looking to lease an electric vehicle that’s as practical as it is fun.

WLTP Range* 328 miles
Real World Estimate 279 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 77 kWh


From £816.45 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £680.38 Per Month (exc. VAT)

Big, boxy and bold – that’s the Kia EV9… and we like it a lot. It’s one of only a few true electric seven-seaters on the market, which means it’s ideal for anyone with a growing family. It looks fantastic, is hugely practical, is loaded with tech and has the range and charging capability to match. The EV9 is super-sustainable, too, with 34kg of different eco-materials used throughout including recycled bottles, bio-plastics and recovered fishing nets.

WLTP Range* 336 miles
Real World Estimate 286 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 100 kWh


From £311.86 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £259.88 Per Month (exc. VAT)

The Kia Niro is an outstanding family car. This is an electric vehicle that has a lot of storage space – it’s ideal both for quick trips to the nursery and shopping hauls at the DIY store. And with all that luggage space coupled with impressive efficiency and a comfortable drive, it’s also perfect for long trips. The Niro is what modern EV buyers expect; so convenient and efficient that it makes petrol and diesel suddenly seem painfully old school.

WLTP Range* 285 miles
Real World Estimate 242 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 65 kWh


From £414.84 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £345.69 Per Month (exc. VAT)

As the name suggests, the Kia Soul EV is a car with plenty of character. With a distinctive design inside and out it’ll catch the glances of passers-by, but there’s also plenty of substance thanks to its strong range, perky performance and spacious back seats.

WLTP Range* 280 miles
Real World Estimate 238 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 64 kWh

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Why should I lease a Kia electric car with GRIDSERVE?

Kia is a brand that has built a strong reputation for itself for a multitude of reasons. Some of the major benefits to leasing a Kia model include value for money, durability even in harsh weather conditions, an easy and enjoyable driving experience, advanced safety systems and great selection of accessories. Choose from the above list of Kia models today and find the perfect leasing deal to suit your needs. 

Leasing a Kia with GRIDSERVE specifically also has plenty of advantages, such as access to our hundreds of EV chargers throughout the country at our Electric Hubs and Electric Super Hubs that make up the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, and expert customer care every step of the way. Plus, get three months of free charging included as part of the deal.

How many Kia electric car models are there?

Kia offers three all-electric models that are currently available to lease, which are the EV6, Niro EV and Soul EV. All three offer exceptional value for money and are great options as family cars. As is the case with many other manufacturers, the brand is expected to release a full range of further EVs in the coming years, including the EV9 large SUV.

How much does it cost to lease a Kia?

The price of your Kia lease deal will depend on the model that you choose as part of your agreement, with the Niro EV being a particularly budget-friendly option that still offers plenty of storage space and a comfortable drive. Keep an eye on the Kia leasing deals above to find the best option for you.

Can I lease a Kia car for my business?

Yes, Kia electric cars can be leased for either business or personal use, depending on your situation. If your business needs a reliable and spacious car that offers exceptional value for money, then a Kia model is well worth a look.

What are the range figures for Kia’s electric cars?

The range figures are strong across the board for Kia models, with the EV6 offering up to 328 miles of official range, the Niro EV promising up to 285 miles and the Soul EV promising up to 280 miles. 

The exact figures you’ll achieve will vary depending on a number of everyday factors, such as the weather, driving style, battery age and charging capacity.

How long can a Kia be leased for?

With a GRIDSERVE Kia lease deal, you can choose contract terms of either 24, 36, or 48 months, so you’ll never be stuck with a car for longer than you would like. The contract length you pick will also alter the monthly price that you pay; the longer the lease agreement, the cheaper the monthly payments.