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Electric MG MOTOR UK Models


From £285.23 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £237.69 Per Month (exc. VAT)

The MG4 is a keenly priced family hatchback from the Chinese-owned MG Motor UK and one that is proving hugely popular with GRIDSERVE Car Leasing customers. With slick styling, an interior big enough for all the family, the option of almost 300 miles of range and an eye-poppingly low price, MG has found a sweet spot with the MG4. It’s won a heap of awards and we can see why.

WLTP Range* 323 miles
Real World Estimate 275 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 77 kWh


From £267.66 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £223.05 Per Month (exc. VAT)

The MG5 is a fully electric estate from the Chinese-owned British car manufacturer MG. Practical, efficient, and almost unique in the electric car leasing market, this is a car to consider when you want four simple things from your electric vehicle: range, value, practicality and comfort.

WLTP Range* 250 miles
Real World Estimate 212 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 61 kWh


From £281.74 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £234.79 Per Month (exc. VAT)

The MG ZS is a fully electric compact SUV from the British-born, Chinese-owned MG brand. It’s also very popular, mainly because it offers you an awful lot of car for an extremely low price to lease.

WLTP Range* 273 miles
Real World Estimate 232 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 73 kWh

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MG Motor UK Electric Car Leasing FAQs


Why should I lease an MG Motor UK electric car with GRIDSERVE?

MG’s ownership by the SAIC Motor Corporation has transformed it from a troubled British icon to a maker of affordable yet capable cars for the masses. 

Its focus for the last few years has been almost solely on developing its EV range, building models that offer the space, equipment and range on a charge to compete with much more expensive European brands. 

When you lease an MG electric car with GRIDSERVE, you will have the option to add a maintenance package with tax and insurance included. Plus, each time you charge your car with us, we’ll put the same amount of kWh that you’ve used back into the grid from solar. Therefore with a Net Zero Lease, you’ll be able to include the cost of all that charging in your monthly payment.

How many MG Motor UK electric car models are there?

There are three fantastic MG Motor UK EV options available to lease right now: the MG4, MG5 and ZS EV. Each offers amazing value for money and are fantastic choices for those looking for a practical family car with a good range.

Which is the most affordable MG Motor UK model?

All of the MG Motor UK car models offer great value and exact prices are subject to change, with the MG4 being the most affordable option at the time of writing, and the MG5 the most expensive.

Can I test drive an MG Motor UK before I decide to lease one?

Yes, if you visit either the Braintree or Norwich GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourt®, you can book an electric car test drive of the MG4. It’s the ideal way to know whether you’re getting the right electric vehicle for you, so make sure to book in your visit to the UK’s only independent electric car test drive specialist.

Will my MG Motor UK car leasing deal include VAT?

Whether your MG Motor UK lease includes VAT within the listed price or not will depend on if it’s a personal or business leasing agreement. Personal lease deals do have VAT included in the price, while business lease deals are all excluding VAT, hence why personal deals appear cheaper.

What are the range figures of MG Motor UK’s electric cars?

The model with the highest range figure is the MG4, promising up to 281 miles of WLTP range, which equates to a real-world estimate of 239 miles. The ZS has a range of up to 273 miles, while the MG5’s range is up to 250 miles. The exact figures you get on a daily basis will depend on a number of everyday factors, such as the weather, driving style, battery age and charging capacity.