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WLTP Range* 250 miles
Real World Estimate 212 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 54 kWh


From £398.05 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £262.55 Per Month (exc. VAT)

The MINI Electric does what it says on the tin: taking the iconic small car and swapping out fossil fuel power for efficient electric power. It doesn’t look that different from the standard car, but why mess with such a recognisable and popular shape? You also get the same retro, high quality cabin and an even more fun driving experience. What’s not to love?

WLTP Range* 145 miles
Real World Estimate 123 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 33 kWh

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Mini Electric Car Leasing FAQs


Why should I lease a MINI electric car with GRIDSERVE?

Leasing a MINI is an excellent option for many drivers, and going green with a MINI electric car lease deal is the best way to do it. By driving an electric MINI, you contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment, as well as reduced dependence on fossil fuels. Electric MINI vehicles often have lower operating costs than their petrol and diesel alternatives, while maintenance costs are often lower too due to EVs having fewer moving parts. 

By leasing with GRIDSERVE, you can help support our sun-to-wheel ecosystem, with our industry-leading EV chargers powered exclusively by net zero carbon energy. All brand-new MINI EVs are under the manufacturer’s warranty and come with a three-year MOT plus tax. Maintenance packages can be added when speaking with our finance agents too, leaving you with just insurance to arrange. Plus, with every MINI lease deal, we’ll give you three months of free charging to use at any GRIDSERVE electric vehicle charging station throughout the UK.

How does MINI EV leasing work?

Electric vehicle leasing allows you to enjoy the benefits of driving an electric MINI without the commitment and extra costs that come with ownership. With a MINI lease, you will pay a fixed monthly fee for a set period of either 24, 36 or 48 months. At the end of the lease term, you can return the vehicle, negotiate an extension or upgrade to a newer model.

What are the benefits of an electric MINI?

MINI models are obviously known for their compact size, which provides several advantages. They are easy to manoeuvre and park, making them ideal for inner city areas and tight parking spaces. Their unique and iconic design stands out on the road too, with their retro-inspired styling, featuring a distinctive grille and compact proportions, exuding charm and character. 

The MINI Electric isn’t just fun on the surface, it’s also a hoot to drive. Tight handling, quick steering and strong performance means you’ll enjoy it on any road. You’ll also rest easy knowing that you’re contributing to a sustainable future.

What is included in the MINI lease deal?

Lease agreements for electric MINIs will include the use of the EV for a specified period, a predetermined mileage allowance that you can decide upon yourself, the initial rental amount and any optional maintenance packages. Maintenance packages can cover routine servicing, repairs, and roadside assistance, providing some peace of mind throughout the lease term.

What insurance coverage do I need for an electric MINI lease?

You are required to have fully comprehensive insurance coverage for an electric MINI lease, which needs to commence on the day of delivery, and the vehicle must remain insured until the day the vehicle is returned to the GRIDSERVE.

How do I start the process of leasing an electric MINI?

To begin the process of leasing an electric MINI, you can browse the available MINI electric models listed above. You can request a quote, explore leasing options, and contact the experts in the GRIDSERVE customer services team for personalised assistance and guidance throughout the leasing process.