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We've partnered with Smart Home Charge, a nationwide installer of home charge points for electric cars. They sell and install a range of chargers to suit every need and budget without bamboozling you with unnecessary jargon. Smart Home Charge will help you choose the right charger and start saving money on your car running costs — get a price in just 2 minutes below.

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Smart Home Charge - The Easee One

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3 months' charging included*


150kW Premium 64kWh 5dr Auto

WLTP Range* 301 miles
Real World Est. 256 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 64 kWh

Price Per Month (inc. VAT) £450.05

Price Per Month (exc. VAT) £375.04

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Special Offer
3 months' charging included*


250kW eDrive40 Sport 83.9kWh 5dr Auto

WLTP Range* 365 miles
Real World Est. 311 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 84 kWh

Price Per Month (inc. VAT) £706.48

Price Per Month (exc. VAT) £516.78

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Special Offer
3 months' charging included*


115kW SE EV Long Range 73kWh 5dr Auto

WLTP Range* 273 miles
Real World Est. 232 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 73 kWh

Price Per Month (inc. VAT) £409.56

Price Per Month (exc. VAT) £341.29

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3 months' charging included*


150kW Limited 71.4kWh 5dr Auto AWD

WLTP Range* 289 miles
Real World Est. 246 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 71 kWh

Price Per Month (inc. VAT) £614.78

Price Per Month (exc. VAT) £512.32

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Polestar 2 Electric Car Leasing FAQs


Why should I lease a Polestar 2 with GRIDSERVE?

The Polestar 2 is a cool and fun-to-drive EV that has lots of desirable attributes such as its high performance, first-rate interior, impressive electric range and advanced technology. Leasing a Polestar 2 with GRIDSERVE also has plenty of benefits, such as access to our hundreds of EV chargers throughout the country at our Electric Hubs, Electric Super Hubs and Electric Forecourts®  that make up the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, and expert customer care every step of the way.

Who makes the Polestar 2?

The Polestar brand was introduced as a standalone brand in 2017 by Volvo and Geely, with Polestar being focused exclusively on creating electric vehicles of the future. The production of Polestar 2 vehicles remains in China, with models sold worldwide.

How much does a Polestar 2 cost to lease?

The exact cost of your Polestar 2 lease will depend on the trim level and model you decide to choose, as well as the contract terms (that includes length, business or personal lease, initial rental amount and annual mileage). The 200kW 69kWh Standard Range Single Motor 5dr Auto tends to be the cheapest variation of the Polestar 2, but this is subject to change.

Where can I test drive a Polestar 2?

Yes, you can book an electric car test drive of the Polestar 2 if you visit one of GRIDSERVE’s Electric Forecourts®  such as Braintree or Norwich. Test driving is the perfect way to know whether it’s the right model for you, as you can get a feel for the vehicle from behind the wheel and understand how it performs in the real world.

How long does it take to charge a Polestar 2?

The Polestar 2 can be charged in just over 7 hours when hooked up to an 11kW AC charger, or in 26 minutes via a CCS DC power charger thanks to peak charging speeds of up to 205kW.

Are Polestar cars reliable?

Since its introduction as its own brand - an offshoot of Volvo and Geely - the Polestar brand has received a monumental amount of praise from all of the top car sites including What Car?, Car Magazine, Top Gear and Auto Express, pointing to the Polestar 2 being a fantastic car with brilliant reliability scores.

What is the range of the Polestar 2?

The range of your specific Polestar 2 model will depend on the exact model you choose, with Standard and Long Range variations available. The Polestar brand is one of the best around for electric range, and even the Standard version has a maximum range of 322 miles, with the Long Range version increasing to up to 395 miles.

How much space does the Polestar 2 have?

Though it has been designed for performance and range above all else, there is still a decent amount of storage space in the boot of the Polestar 2. With the seats up it’s at 405 litres of capacity, which extends to 1,095 litres with the rear seats folded down.