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Electric SMART Models


From £455.27 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £379.39 Per Month (exc. VAT)

The Smart #1 is a desirable, all-new compact electric car with a spacious interior, lots of clever technology and impressive performance. If you’re looking to lease a small SUV-style EV it’s one that we’d recommend

WLTP Range* 273 miles
Real World Estimate 232 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 66 kWh

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Smart Electric Car Leasing FAQs


Why should I lease a Smart car with GRIDSERVE?

Smart is an extremely unique brand in the world of car leasing and has some rather obvious unique selling points, which include its compact size and relative affordability. 

You can also enjoy some specific benefits when leasing with GRIDSERVE, such as our superb Electric Highway with EV charging stations all around the UK, our tree planting programme with 100 trees planted for every lease, and expert delivery and customer care.

How many electric Smart car models are there?

There are currently three different models of Smart cars available to lease with GRIDSERVE, in the form of the Forfour Hatchback, Fortwo Cabrio and Fortwo Coupe.

Can I lease a Smart car for my business?

Yes, Smart cars can be leased for either business or personal use, depending on your situation. If your business needs a small and compact city car then one of the three Smart models may be the ideal choice for your company.

Which is the cheapest electric Smart car to lease?

All of the Smart car models offer great value and exact prices are subject to change, with the entry-level Fortwo Coupe being the most affordable option.

What are the range figures of Smart’s electric cars?

The range figures are the same across the board for all three Smart EV models, officially coming in at 96 miles with a real-world estimate of around 80 miles. The exact figures will vary depending on a number of everyday factors, such as the weather, driving style, battery age and charging capacity.

What is the maximum speed of a Smart car?

Built for life in the city, the top speed of the Smart car models available to lease now is 81 mph. There has been a common myth that Smart cars aren’t allowed on the motorways due to their low speeds, but this is categorically incorrect.

Will my Smart car leasing deal include VAT?

Whether the deal includes VAT or not will depend on whether it is a personal or a business lease. All business lease prices are excluding VAT, while personal leases all include VAT in the listed price.