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Leasing with GRIDSERVE

22nd Dec 2021
5min Read
Leasing with GRIDSERVE

How do I lease with GRIDSERVE?

Drivers can choose from two leasing plans:

1. Net Zero Leasing (charging included)

If you lease an electric vehicle with GRIDSERVE and charge it at one of the 150+ the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway sites, Net Zero charging is included as part of your leasing deal. The energy you put into your car is fed back into the grid. We replace every kWh of power you use with zero-carbon energy we’ve captured and stored at our solar farms. This nets off the emissions and puts your environmental balance sheet back in the black.

By using net zero energy, you’ll be offsetting your CO2 transport emissions, which is not only great for the planet, but great for your wallet too. If you live within a reasonable distance of a GRIDSERVE Electric Highway site, Net Zero leasing is the perfect way to cut your carbon footprint.


2. Low Carbon Leasing (charging not included) 

The Low Carbon leasing plan is slightly different. You still get great leasing deals on the latest electric cars, but we don’t include the charging costs in your leasing plan. This means it’s more affordable and it also gives you the option to charge anywhere that is convenient for you.


What are the advantages of a GRIDSERVE leasing contract?

1. We #deliver sustainable energy solutions to EV leasing

If you have a Net Zero lease, free energy can be claimed at any GRIDSERVE Electric Highway site. You can still charge at any other location, but charging is not included if you choose to charge at non-GRIDSERVE locations. Charging can be included within the monthly lease package for all makes of vehicles (except Tesla). You can charge your vehicle at any GRIDSERVE Electric Highway charger at no further cost for the duration of your lease. And remember, this is planet-friendly energy.

2. The GRIDSERVE Electric Highway 

You can rest easy that you’re making a real contribution to lowering carbon emissions, because we power our chargers with energy generated by our solar farms. Solar energy is fast becoming the most sustainable and cheapest way to make electricity.  Our network rollout is facilitating the transition to net zero carbon transport and will be helping the country on the road to green motoring.

3. Exclusive Offers

We've developed great relationships with lots of manufacturers and finance companies to bring you exclusive offers. Check out our special offers now. 

4. We plant 100 trees for every new lease

When you lease your EV, we plant 100 trees on your behalf. Our purpose is to help you become a fully-fledged guardian of the planet. Our projects don’t just plant, they ‘rewild’, which means they optimise biodiversity and reduce carbon. Learn more about our tree planting programme. 

5. Cashback rewards

You can also get a form of cashback if you make an agreement with GRIDSERVE. When you lease your EV we will give you a code to share with your friends and family. When they lease with us, you will get your money back rewards.

6. Tax, insurance and maintenance included

All the brand-new vehicles come with a 3-year MOT plus tax and are under manufacturer’s warranty. Maintenance packages can be added when speaking with an HCVS agent, and you only need to arrange insurance.

7. Delivery and customer care

We will deliver your brand-new electric car to your door on a day of your choosing and you can contact us at any time during your lease agreement with any questions and we'll be happy to help.  

8. Brand-new electric cars

We've got access to all of the very latest makes and models so you're sure to find something you'll love time and time again. 


How long is a GRIDSERVE lease contract?

  • Choose the electric car you want, how long you want it for – you can select a lease for two, three or four years – how much you can afford upfront (initial monthly rental), and how many miles you will drive annually.
  • GRIDSERVE, through its partner, Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions (HCVS), offers both PCH (Personal Contract Hire) and BCH (Business Contract Hire) leases that last between two and four years, whatever lengths suits your needs.
  • VAT will either be included or excluded depending on whether you are taking out a personal lease or business lease.
  • You will receive a lease agreement detailing the terms of the lease. Further details on the agreements will be discussed at application stage with your HCVS Sales Agent.


Can I change GRIDSERVE my lease contract?

  • If you want to change your contract – if you think that you will exceed (or want to change) your mileage allowance, for example – please contact Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions (HCVS) to amend your contract. Any changes may attract an increase in your monthly payments.

What happens at the end of a GRIDSERVE lease contract?

  • After leasing, we expect that there will be some fair wear and tear from the miles you’ve covered. HCVS assesses the fair wear and tear of your vehicle at the end of your contract, according to the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA).
  • Further information including the requirements for end of contract, will be discussed with you during application/sales process and will be in your documentation pack when you receive it all in the post.

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