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What are leasing special offers?

The leasing special offers listed above are exclusive deals and promotions available for leasing electric vehicles from the sustainable energy experts at GRIDSERVE. These offers provide you with discounted lease rates, reduced upfront costs, or additional benefits to make leasing an EV more attractive and affordable.

Why is GRIDSERVE the place with the top EV lease deals?

There are a range of benefits to using GRIDSERVE Car Leasing for your EV lease deal, including tax and insurance being included in all agreements. Three months’ free charging is also included with every lease deal from GRIDSERVE Car Leasing, meaning you’ll be able to access free charging across the 160+ GRIDSERVE Electric Highway locations during your first three months of motoring. This works via GRIDSERVE Car Leasing sending you a contactless charging card in the post after all of the relevant paperwork is signed.

All deals on this page have been identified by the expert GRIDSERVE team as being superb value for money, so you won’t find better offers than these in the EV sector.

What’s included in a GRIDSERVE car leasing deal?

As part of your GRIDSERVE leasing deal, you will get three months of free charging across the entirety of the GRIDSERVE charging network, and we’ll send you a contactless card to use at any GRIDSERVE charging station. You’ll also be able to add a maintenance package to your deal, to help give you added peace of mind.

The EV lease obviously includes the vehicle itself for the duration of the contract, as well as a predetermined mileage allowance, which specifies the maximum number of miles you can drive the leased vehicle per year without incurring additional charges. The EV lease offers the manufacturer’s warranty too and provides coverage for potential repairs and component failures within the warranty period.

Which EV leasing special deal is right for me?

The best electric car lease deal for you will depend on your individual needs and personal or business preferences. You’ll need to consider the following factors when looking to determine which EV leasing deal is right for you, including:

  • Your budget: Analysing how much you can comfortably afford for monthly lease payments. Consider the total cost of the lease over the entire lease term, including any upfront costs, monthly payments, and potential end-of-lease fees.
  • The type of vehicle you need: Determine whether you need an estate, SUV, hatchback, convertible or electric van etc. Think about your typical driving needs, passenger capacity, cargo space requirements, and any specific features or technology that you’d like in your car.
  • Required range: Evaluate how many miles of range you’ll require for your electric vehicle and ensure it meets your daily driving requirements. Some EVs excel in the range department, such as the Tesla Model 3.
  • Lease terms: Think about the duration of the lease, mileage allowance, and any potential restrictions or penalties related to excess mileage. Ensure that the lease terms are suitable for your anticipated usage and driving patterns.
  • Test Drive: Before committing to your chosen EV leasing deal, take the opportunity to test drive electric vehicles at one of our Electric Forecourts® to assess their comfort, handling, and driving features. That way you can help get a feel for the car to help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

What are the benefits of an electric car lease special offer?

There are countless benefits to leasing an EV from our special offers list, including the fact that EVs have fewer parts and thus are lower maintenance, there are no sky-high petrol bills, they have zero emissions, there’s easy charging across hundreds of EV chargers on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, numerous tax savings and incentives, less noise pollution, more eco-friendly and plenty more.

Plus, all cars listed on this page have been handpicked because they are exceptional deals that are better than the average listings, so you can rest assured that you’re getting an incredible deal for your money.

Can I save money by leasing an electric car?

Yes, leasing an electric car can potentially save you money in several ways, such as:

Lower Upfront Costs: Leasing will require a lower upfront payment compared to purchasing a new electric car. Instead of paying the full purchase price in one lump sum, you can make a smaller initial lease payment at the start of the agreement, making it more affordable to get behind the wheel of your chosen EV.

Reduced Monthly Payments: The monthly payments will be lower than other finance options too, which is because you are essentially paying for the depreciation of the vehicle during the lease term, rather than the full purchase price. These lower monthly payments can free up your budget for other expenses or just extra money for the savings pot.

Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs: Electric cars have fewer moving parts compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. As a result, they generally require less maintenance and have lower repair costs, which can lead to additional savings over the lease term.

Savings on Fuel Costs: Electric cars are much more energy-efficient than ICE vehicles. By leasing an electric car with GRIDSERVE, you can benefit from lower fuel costs as electricity is typically cheaper than petrol or diesel. Charging your electric car on the GRIDSERVE network at a cheap price can help you save money on fuel expenses.

Tax Incentives: To encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, there are some incentives such as no road tax and much lower Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax rates for company car drivers. These incentives can significantly reduce the overall cost of leasing an electric car and result in additional savings.

How do I take advantage of a car lease special offer?

To take advantage of an electric car leasing special offer, simply click on the offer that interests you from the above listings and build your chosen deal with details such as the initial rental amount, contract length and annual mileage limit. You can then submit an application, provide necessary documentation as required, or contact a leasing representative from the friendly GRIDSERVE customer services team to proceed with the offer of your choosing.

Are maintenance and servicing included in leasing special offers?

Maintenance and servicing coverage is an optional extra as part of all GRIDSERVE electric car leasing deals. If you do include maintenance, you’ll pay a little bit extra per month but will be covered for general maintenance and servicing costs for the duration of the lease agreement. If you decide against it, you’ll be responsible for all maintenance and servicing costs as required.

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