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Under £300 Leasing Offers (1)

Special Offer LEZ & ULEZ ?
3 months' charging included*


800 100kW 50kWh Professional Premium Van Auto

WLTP Range* 170 miles
Real World Est. 144 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 50 kWh

Price Per Month (inc. VAT) £281.75

Price Per Month (exc. VAT) £281.75

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Why are these van deals cheaper than other options?

The models listed on this page tend to be cheaper than other vans due to a range of factors, including their value for money, size, practicality, popularity and more. It’s often the case that the most popular electric vans are listed as being cheaper due to supply and demand, so you can rest assured that just because these vans are cheap, they’re still some of the top models on the market.

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