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Rutherglen could join the electric transport revolution

Rutherglen is a town in South Lanarkshire immediately to the south east of Glasgow city centre. It has been selected as an ideal location to propose a GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourt® to serve the community, improve local charging infrastructure and prepare the wider Lanarkshire region for the electric transport revolution.

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The ultimate EV charging destination

If approved, the development will become an industry leading charging destination to support electric vehicle drivers with a combination of 22 High Power, 6 Low Power and 4 additional branded charging spaces, all supplied by 100% renewable energy. The goal is to make driving and charging an electric vehicle convenient, which is why we also propose a building, alongside the charging experience, with areas to rest, shop and to get a coffee while you charge.

The proposed site

The proposed site is located on 0.58Ha or 1.44 acres of previously developed vacant land off Duchess Place to the north east of the centre of Rutherglen. The development will be accessed via a combined entrance and exit junction from Duchess Place with a separate pedestrian access into the site from the north east.

The surrounding area comprises a mix of commercial and industrial uses, including the newly opened Top Golf venue to the east, and industrial units to the south. To the west of the site is a vacant piece of land which has Planning Permission in Principle for future residential development.

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Community Benefits

  • 22 High Power and six Low Power (AC) electric vehicle charging spaces
  • 4 additional branded charging spaces
  • New jobs for the local economy
  • Supplied by net zero carbon energy to help decarbonise transport
  • Air quality improvements through the reduction of tailpipe emissions
  • Retail space, coffee shop, toilets and lounge area
  • An on-site team of electric vehicle Gurus to support new electric vehicle drivers
  • An electric vehicle test drive service so drivers can trial the latest cars
  • Provision for green space and new landscaping

We want to hear from you

While our virtual consultation has now ended, we encourage and welcome feedback from all members of the local community, not just EV drivers. Please get in touch with our team.

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We believe in Rutherglen

GRIDSERVE is specifically investing in areas that are underserved by public EV charging infrastructure. If approved the Rutherglen Electric Forecourt® will not only make long distance travel easier for existing electric motorists but inspire confidence for people who don’t have room for home charging – and are yet to make the move to an electric car.

South Lanarkshire Council aims to significantly reduce its carbon emissions over the next five years and this site could make a real contribution to that goal by providing easy-to-use public charging infrastructure to help people feel confident about the switch to electric. The even better news is that all the energy consumed on site will be net zero carbon energy supplied via GRIDSERVE’s Sun-to-Wheel ecosystem to reduce carbon emissions.

Key Consideration Criteria

A transport assessment will form part of the planning application and GRIDSERVE predicts minimal impact of the development to the area. The site is close to Junction 2 of the M74 and adjacent to the A724, and it is therefore a very accessible location in terms of the local highway network. The proposed access arrangements will mean the traffic flow to the Electric Forecourt® will be fluid and it will primarily be used by passing motorists.

Beyond providing a world class electric vehicle charging destination, the Electric Forecourt® will be powered by net zero carbon energy and address the climate emergency by reducing carbon emissions.

Ecology and arboricultural surveys have been undertaken to support the proposals and ensure that any potential adverse impacts on wildlife, protected species or important habitats are taken into account and properly mitigated if necessary. Further details on these matters will be provided within the planning application.

The site is situated in an area of land with the least probability of flooding. A flood risk assessment and drainage strategy will be submitted as part of the planning application to provide further detail.

Acoustic and noise assessments are currently being undertaken and will be included as part of the planning application. Mitigation measures such as an acoustic barrier will be strategically placed to ensure that the site meets acceptable standards and will not result in noise or disturbance for any current or future neighbours.

A ground investigation survey has been undertaken and will be included as part of the planning application. Any potential risks from previous uses of the site will be addressed with appropriate mitigation measures.

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Your feedback matters

While our virtual consultation has now ended, we encourage and welcome feedback from all members of the local community, not just EV drivers. Please get in touch with our team.

How every Electric Forecourt® is developed

Using proprietary geodata, we identify areas of the UK that are most in need of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, then commission a variety of research and put together a community consultation for residents, government stakeholders and business owners in the area.

After this, we collate all community feedback, make design changes that add value and continue monitoring any impacts on traffic, noise, and ecology. Then a full planning application is submitted to the local council for consideration and approval.

Once planning permission is given, we begin construction, building sustainably with biofuel powered generators and, where possible, using the local supply chain, while always trying to mitigate any disruption to the area.

With our electric vehicle chargers installed, local staff recruited and retail partners open for business, the filling station of the future is then ready to serve the area with affordable, dependable sustainable energy.

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GRIDSERVE is planning to expand its Electric Forecourt® network across the UK, so whenever we identify a potentially suitable new site, we run what’s called a community consultation. This is a survey where interested parties or members of the local community will be asked questions through our social media channels and our website. We also sometimes deliver flyers to people in each potential area, and we consult with local council members, ecologists and other authorities at the same time.

We do this because we need and want everyone’s opinion on each potential new site. We want to know whether you think it’s a good or bad location and why. Then we must consider dozens of other commercial factors before deciding to progress further through the planning and development process.

This means you may hear us asking for your feedback about several potential sites within a year, from remote places to urban settings and even airports. What’s important to remember is that these community consultations are just one stage of the process to help us gain planning consent.

GRIDSERVE must present a balanced view of the project, considering the myriad factors that could impact the local community, both positively and negatively. By its nature, the consultation is incredibly varied, so we’ll discuss conservation, culture, carbon emissions, job creation, archaeology, air quality, health and much more. It’s not quite Tolstoy’s War and Peace, but it’s a significantly robust body of work. It needs to be because we’re serious and committed about the project going forward.

That’s entirely down to your point of view. It’s not just the big stuff that matters – the location, the branding or the number of car spaces, for example. In due course, we will also be sweating the smaller stuff, including opening hours or the cars we have available to test drive.

Absolutely not. The Electric Forecourt® is designed for the community, which is why we encourage and welcome feedback from people of all walks of life, not just EV drivers. All local residents are a key part of this, and we want you to be inspired and involved.

You can speak with our customer support team at any time. Our metaphorical door is always open so feel free to email us at connect@gridserve.com with the subject line Rutherglen or visit our website at www.gridserve.com

The submission of the planning application is just one stage of the development process. If consent is granted, the site and the layout for the development will be subject to a detailed design stage to finalise the layout for construction.