Stevenage Borough Council leads the charge

Stevenage Borough Council has pressed go on the latest in EV Charging infrastructure and granted planning permission for a GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourt® in Stevenage. The site combines heritage and musical roots with a flagship sustainability project, providing much needed charging infrastructure.

Creating environmental harmony

By hitting the green light, the council has made a commitment to cut transport emissions without impacting the natural beauty of the environment. For residents this means easy access to EV charging infrastructure while festival goers will be able to drive electric cars to these popular events


  • An ecology-led and sustainable development process ensures the site will not only preserve but enhance the area for future generations
  • Tucked in beside Knebworth Estate, native planting will screen the site from parklands visitors throughout development
  • Sustainably powered construction methods and sensitive landscape design will retain the ambience of the area
  • By creating a biodiversity net gain of this low-grade arable land, GRIDSERVE is ‘greening’ the green, it’s a truly sustainable development
  • Supplied by 100% renewable energy, the Electric Forecourt® will speed up transport decarbonisation, reduce emissions and protect the environment

“We are pleased to see this development moving forward. Italigns with the Estate’s long-term strategy to realise projects that will help sustain the wider Estates. . It uses the land sustainably and will lead help encourage green growth and decarbonised transport for the entire Borough.”

– Knebworth House and Gardens Estate Spokesperson

Our checklist

Once construction starts, the site will be screened by the A1(M) to the east and by large areas of existing woodland to the north, south and west. It’s also not visible from Norton Green.

Working with Knebworth House, impact events will be minimised as much as possible to enable visiting to continue.

An Ecological Appraisal and your feedback prompted us to plant 57 native trees to improve the on-site ecology.

Any noise from the development will not be heard beyond local areas to ensure peace and quiet for Novotel guests and residents who stay nearby.

As this is a historic site we will be building with what’s called a ‘watching brief’ so if anything important is discovered during construction it will be safely preserved.

Frequently asked questions

We are now in the final stages of land preparation, construction will likely begin in early 2023.

You are welcome to flick us an email at with the subject line Stevenage. We will endeavour to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Yes, the site does include a solar canopy which generates energy to power the retail building, we feed in larger amounts of solar power through grid connections to power the chargers on site with 100% renewable, net zero carbon energy.

Yes, we are planning on including a retail and convenience offering to ensure our customers have the best possible dwell time experience. While your car is charging you can enjoy great coffee, yummy food and of course a lounge area to relax in.