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We make going EV AWESOME

With great savings on EVs, plenty of love for the planet and energy included deals, everyone can be a superhuman.

Making the switch to driving electric is simple and more affordable than you think.

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A breath of fresh air

With millions currently being ploughed into the design and development of EVs by the car industry, technology is developing at light speed. So we think leasing makes so much more sense than buying.

Over 300 new models are predicted to hit the market in the next five years.

Turn on the sunshine

We power our chargers with energy generated by our solar farms.  Solar energy is fast becoming the most sustainable and cheapest way to make electricity.  Our network rollout is facilitating the transition to net zero carbon transport and will be helping our Nation on the road to green motoring.

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Charging included

Charging can be included within the monthly lease package for ALL makes of vehicles except Tesla.

You can charge your vehicle at any GRIDSERVE Forecourt® or Hub at no further cost for the duration of your lease. And remember, this is planet-friendly energy.

Tax, insurance and maintenance

All the brand-new vehicles come with a 3-year MOT plus tax and are under manufacturer’s warranty. Maintenance packages can be added when speaking with an HCVS agent, and you only need to arrange insurance.

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Delivery and customer care

  • Sign the agreement and the car will be delivered to your door.
  • We plant 100 trees on your behalf.
  • Refer your friends and family for money back rewards.
  • For any changes to your lease agreement , please contact Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions (HCVS).
  • Any other questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

Spread the word and earn £££

We need your help to recruit people to the Electric Revolution. When you lease your EV we will give you a code to share with your friends and family. When they lease with us, you will get your money back rewards!


Planting with purpose

When you lease your EV, we plant 100 trees on your behalf. Our purpose is to help you become a fully-fledged guardian of the planet. Our projects do not just plant, they ‘rewild’, which means they optimise biodiversity and reduce carbon.

How leasing works

Frequently Asked Questions
  • If you think you may exceed (or want to change) your mileage allowance listed in your lease agreement, please contact Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions (HCVS) to amend your contract. Any changes may attract an increase in your monthly payments.

  • If you go over your mileage and do not tell Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions (HCVS), excess mileage charges may apply and may be due upon return of the vehicle. Information on these charges will be provided to you by HCVS – these differ depending on the make and model of your car.

  • Each vehicle type has it own energy consumption figures and we use this efficiency metric combined with the mileage that you choose to determine an amount of energy that is included in the lease. 

    This energy can be claimed at any GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourt® or Hub ® please read the fair energy use clause in your leasing agreement for further details. You can still charge at any other location, but charging is not included if you choose to charge at non-GRIDSERVE locations

  • After leasing, we expect that there will be some fair wear and tear from the miles you have done. Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions (HCVS) assess at the end of your contract the fair wear and tear of your vehicle, according to the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA).  Further details of this will be supplied to you during application process and included in your documentation supplied by HCVS.

  • The collaboration of GRIDSERVE and Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions brings you fantastic deals on Electric Vehicles. Both companies believe that switching to electric will make an enormous difference to future generations, so we make the change as affordable as possible and include charging at our Electric Forecourts. With our expertise in sustainable energy and infrastructure and the might of one of the UK’s leading leasing companies, you are in safe hands.

  • Currently, insurance is not included in the leasing agreements so please make sure you have fully comprehensive insurance relevant to the use of the vehicle. 

  • As you will be leasing a brand-new car there will be a manufacturer’s warranty and tax included as standard with all models. Don’t forget, MOTs don’t need to be renewed for the first three years of a car’s life. Maintenance is not included but this can easily be added to your contract and reflected in your monthly payments.

  • There aren’t many restrictions when you lease a car at all. You can modify the deal at the outset to suit your requirements and your budget. One thing to be aware of is that you’ll be charged extra if you exceed your agreed total annual mileage. If you don’t know how many miles you drive each year; it’s better to overestimate at the beginning of your lease. And if you think you are going to go over the number of miles just get in touch with HCVS. Lease cars also need to be returned in good condition although grace is given for fair wear and tear.

    Further information including the requirements for end of contract, will be discussed with you during application / sales process and will be in your documentation pack when you receive it all in the post.

You will never want to own a car again​

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