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An energy revolution

With world class technology and commercial innovation, we develop, engineer, build, and operate the best hybrid solar farms on earth. ​

​The result? Affordable, sustainable energy to serve businesses and communities.

We #deliver sustainable energy​

GRIDSERVE is a pioneer of modern solar technology.  We’ve maximised generation and engineered solutions to affordably harvest the earth’s most powerful renewable energy source.​​

Solar is now a sustainable energy source that competes with fossil fuels on economics alone.

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We serve the grid​

Our solar farms have bidirectional connections to the national grid. We store and supply extra power to balance demand and help keep the lights on.

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We serve the planet​

GRIDSERVE hybrid solar farms #deliver zero-carbon sustainable energy. We use this to power a network of Electric Forecourts® and drive the transition to net zero transport.

We serve our future​

We’re moving the needle on climate change with clean energy solutions to power your world.

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Do you have land that may be suitable for solar generation?​

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