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Test Drives

Back-to-back test drives with the latest models will soon be available at the Norwich Electric Forecourt®. Register your interest now.


Speak to an EV guru

Our EV gurus are on site at the Electric Forecourt® and ready to talk you
through all the incredible benefits of going electric.

1. Here to help

Our team are here to advise and support you in finding the right electric car for you. 

2. EV experts

We don’t call them gurus for nothing. Our team have a wealth of knowledge on all things EV.

3. Commission-free

No pushiness, no pressure - our team can give you as much or as little help as you need.

4. Supportive

We’re able to offer you support no matter where you are on your EV journey.

Speak to a guru

Our chargers

The Norwich Electric Forecourt® makes charging an EV awesome, ultra-convenient and stress-free. And from day one, we’re providing the fastest chargers and delivering sustainable, net zero carbon energy at a cost that is far lower than filling a car with petrol or diesel.

01 High Power: up to 350 kW 

This is our high-power charger, which takes pride of place beneath our Electric Forecourt®. It’s the sort of EV charger that makes all the other chargers exceptionally jealous, because it can provide a maximum 350kW charging capacity. Really.


02 Low Power: up to 22 kW

We believe in building a charging infrastructure that works for EV-eryone. See what we did there? That’s why we’ve installed a series of low-power chargers that use the Type 2 connector fitted on most plug-in electric vehicles, regardless of age.


03 Tesla Supercharger: up to 250 kW

We’re big fans of Tesla. Not only is Elon Musk a real-life Tony Stark, his company was created with an ambition to decarbonise all cars, not just the ones he makes.

Naturally, we feel it’s right that the Supercharger Network has a home here, too.

Leasing an electric car
just makes sense

Enjoy a brand new EV without the hassle of ownership.

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More than an EV destination
The Norwich Electric Forecourt® features inspiring areas to work, relax and shop.

Book a meeting pod

Whether you fancy a break from home working or need space to facilitate a team meet-up, our pods are ready and rentable by the hour.

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