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Every acre counts…

Our net zero electric vehicle charging network is growing.

So, for a limited time:

we’re offering up to £5,000
in signing rewards for land referrals*

and a generous long term, rental income for landowners.

*T&Cs apply


Make your land pay in 2021 and beyond…

Slide In just nine years, the UK will stop selling diesel or petrol fuelled vehicles and electric cars will become the norm. Carbon emissions will drop, the air will be cleaner and the planet will thank us. But one challenge remains:

Where will EV drivers charge their cars?​ GRIDSERVE ELECTRIC FORECOURT®

We’re driving the change with new revenue streams

To enable the EV transition, UK motorists need fast, easy, low carbon charging.

So, we’re building a countrywide network of charge points powered by sustainable energy.

We’ve already launched our first Electric Forecourt® but we need more land to grow.

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Slide “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for landowners to significantly profit from the EV revolution and contribute to a cleaner future for us all.” GRIDSERVE is financed, experienced and ready to get the wheels turning with new land. This is a unique opportunity to become an environmental steward at the most critical time in history.

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Is your land suitable?

If you qualify, your land could be used for three different types of sustainable development depending on its size and location.

Partner with us Landowners

Electric Forecourts®

  • Located on Main Road Network with easy road access​
  • High population areas​ in urban or edge of town locations.
  • 3MW+ Grid Connection and 0.5-2.5 acres
  • Potential for Battery Storage on 11 or 33kV networks​
  • Mixed-use developments​
  • Existing roadside services or logistics ideal

Electric Hubs

  • Developed on existing sites with amenities
  • Integrated into existing roadside development
  • Minimum 500kW import supply
  • As small as 240sqm (including infrastructure)
  • 6, 12 or 18 Rapid Chargers
  • High trip roads​
  • High residential and business population
Gridserve Thirsk 0038

Solar Farms

  • A minimum of 100 acres of relatively flat land
  • Limited visibility from sensitive viewpoints
  • Avoiding flood plains or other environmentally protected areas
  • Proximity to 33kV, 66kV or 132kV overhead lines or primary substations
  • Lower grade agricultural land

Increase your land’s value

GRIDSERVE has used commercial and technical innovation to make tomorrow’s dominant transport structure, stand up financially today.

We need your land now and we’ll reward you generously.

Partner with us Landowners

Guaranteed payments

Turn your property into a land bank for future generations.

For the project’s lifetime (30-40 years) you will receive guaranteed payments while your land continues to appreciate.


Signing bonus of up to £5,000

The climate is changing swiftly so we’re also moving quickly.

If you know of land that could generate or supply renewable energy then we offer a signing bonus of up to £5,000.

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We pay for the everything

This includes the assessment, planning, construction, operation and maintenance of your site. While you sit back and become an asset to your community.

From the date of signing you’ll be operational and earning yearly payments within 18 months*.

*Timelines depend on planning approval

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We are serious about making the transition to sustainable energy easy. For landowners this means supplying a full service offering that allows you to enjoy a truly passive income.

We not only develop and design our projects, we construct, operate, manage and maintain them with an in-house team of sustainable energy professionals. 

Slide Get Ready
To Grow… With GRIDSERVE Our project pipeline is open and fully funded for 2021. We are ready right now to offer initial rewards and generous long term benefits to landowners.

So, if you’re interested in profiting from the EV revolution while tangibly creating a cleaner future, don’t delay. Simply click the button below and we’ll provide a free site assessment.