GRIDSERVE proposes latest Electric Forecourt® design for Liverpool

  • GRIDSERVE has selected Edge Lane in Liverpool as a potential location for its pioneering EV charging station format
  • Development proposal includes 24+ EV charging bays for all types of electric vehicles (EVs), all supplied by net zero energy
  • Project information page has been created to provide details plus an opportunity for Liverpool residents to feedback
June 20, 2022

Date: 20 June, 2022

GRIDSERVE, the sustainable energy company and award-winning EV charging network, is submitting a planning proposal application to Liverpool City Council to build one of its pioneering Electric Forecourt® facilities on Edge Lane, Liverpool.

The proposed Electric Forecourt® site, located on the A5047 Edge Lane within the Liverpool Innovation Park, would be the city’s first dedicated EV charging facility, boasting 24 industry-leading High Power DC chargers and a further six Low Power AC chargers, all supplied by renewable energy. This infrastructure would more than double the number of EV chargers currently available in the area.

By combining sustainable EV charging with a welcoming retail and educational facility for all customers, this development could become a significant carbon-saving community asset.

GRIDSERVE’s existing Electric Forecourt® sites in Essex and Norfolk have aptly demonstrated the potential of these developments to be more than just EV charging stations. Within the first year of operations at the Braintree Electric Forecourt®, EV registrations in the surrounding area doubled, far surpassing national increases and helping to accelerate the county’s transition to low carbon transportation. GRIDSERVE hopes to provide the same level of support for the people of Liverpool, which is experiencing comparatively low rates of EV adoption and includes a significant number of households without the ability to charge their vehicle at home.

Liverpool is one of several cities with a 2030 net zero carbon action plan proposing vehicle electrification and EV charging infrastructure as key solutions. The Liverpool Climate Challenge report* states that cleaner, greener transport routes will not only cut carbon emissions but provide employment opportunities and reduce air pollution levels to improve peoples’ health and well-being.

GRIDSERVE is excited to potentially support this initiative. The proposed development would make a significant contribution to city’s climate goals and support the local economy with the creation of 25+ full-time equivalent employment opportunities through the design, engineering, construction, and operation phases.

Residents and interested parties are invited to visit to review the site plans in more detail and leave feedback.

The Liverpool Climate Action Report


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