Landmark Technical & Commercial Innovation

We are thrilled to announce the connection and completion of York Hybrid Solar Farm. The results are the product of years of R&D and innovation and herald a new era for solar energy in the UK. This project is the first of its type, a truly subsidy free hybrid solar farm that can be relied on to deliver dependable, clean, low cost energy for the UK, and incorporates multiple 'industry firsts'. We believe this project has the potential and DNA to move the needle in achieving a net zero electricity grid in the fastest possible timeframes. 

Bifacial Solar Panels

Generating energy from BOTH SIDES of the panel

A UK industry first delivered by GRIDSERVE is the utilisation of bifacial solar modules that harvest energy from both the front and the underside of every panel. Both sides of the solar cells are engineered to harvest energy, and the back benefits from light bounce (known as Albedo)  maximise energy production without proportionally increasing costs.

Single Axis Tracking

Tracking the sun from dawn till dusk to OPTIMISE YIELD

GRIDSERVE are obsessed with maximising potential energy yields, and the value of the energy itself.

Solar trackers enable solar panels to follow the sun on its journey from east to west everyday. Whilst fixed positon south facing solar panels harvest a majority of energy around noon, solar trackers enable more energy to be produced both earlier and later in the day, and with a substantially higher overall yield.

Advanced Energy Storage

Intelligent energy storage allows us to shift energy to a time where it is of greatest value, and to provide grid services around the clock

GRIDSERVE’s battery innovations are on the front line of modern grid infrastructure needs. As well as providing services that help grid operators to balance supply and demand and support growth of renewables and electric vehicles, batteries enable the best possible energy prices to be harnessed. 

Do you have land that may be suitable for solar generation? Are you a council that wants to invest in clean energy?
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