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Pricing adjustment on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway

We’re undertaking the biggest investment in our history with 40 sites under construction to deliver a UK-wide High Power UK charging network at the speed and scale required to meet the demand of electric vehicles and help move the needle on climate change.

The unprecedented rollout of Electric Super Hubs, Electric Retail Hubs and Electric Forecourts® is not without its challenges and we often face delays and cost increases outside of our control. We do our best to mitigate these issues through clever solutions and innovative technology, but this comes at a cost.

While we absorb a lot of this expenditure within our business operations, the continued need to unlock barriers and apply increasing amounts of resource to deliver a network that we can be proud of, does mean we are unable to maintain current charging prices at this time.

As of 30 November, DC charging will increase to £0.79p/kWh. For standalone AC charging, the price remains capped at £0.49p/kWh. Whilst we have historically been able to maintain prices below the industry average for high power charging, the price increases now takes GRIDSERVE in line with the rest of the industry. However, we’re also working hard to keep pricing as low as possible in the long term.

For example, we’ve also purchased a new hybrid solar farm on the outskirts of Rugby, allowing us to produce more of our own energy and therefore giving us greater control over energy pricing. We’re continuing to invest in solar power as we know that as the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway grows, we’ll need even more homegrown energy to continue delivering affordable net zero charging.

Any price increase is never an easy decision, but we hope that you understand it’s needed at the moment, so GRIDSERVE can continue maximising our efforts and resources in expanding our UK charging network as quickly as possible to meet the climate crisis and deliver the best possible customer experience.