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Clean energy, competitive pricing

At GRIDSERVE, we’re committed to providing our emerging EV charging infrastructure with clean, sustainable energy and we’re building more solar farms to support this expansion. By developing our own home-grown energy, we’ll be able to have greater control over the prices we pay.

Our network pricing

The current pricing across the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway is as follows, as per 28 September 2022


High Power

Power: up to 350kW
Connector types: CCS, CHAdeMO

Our High Power chargers are the most powerful EV chargers in the country and can provide a maximum output of 350kW, meaning the latest electric vehicles can gain 100 miles of range in less than 10 minutes. High Power chargers are located at our Electric Super Hubs.


Medium Power

Power: up to 60kW
Connector types: CCS, CHAdeMO, Type 2

Our Medium Power chargers provide a maximum output of 60kW and can be considered the go-to charger for just about every modern electric vehicle. They can be found at our Electric Hubs which provide EV charging at more than 80% of the UK’s motorway service areas. The rates are per kWh delivered during your charging session – that means the amount of energy you receive rather than the speed of charge. So, the rate stays the same whether you’re plugged in alone, dual charging or via an AC socket on a Medium Power charger.


Low Power

Power: up to 22kW
Connector types: Type 2

Our Low Power chargers provide even more EV charging flexibility as they use a Type 2 connector and provide a maximum output of 22kW. Type 2 charge ports are featured on most plug-in electric vehicles, regardless of age, which is why you’ll find them at the vast majority of our Electric Hubs.


GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourt®

Power: up to 350kW
Connector types: CCS, CHAdeMO, Type 2

GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourts® feature High Power charging for all types of electric vehicles. The cost of charging at an Electric Forecourt® is also slightly lower than some of our other High Power chargers because we have more control over how much energy is sleeved from our hybrid solar farms to these locations.

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