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EV charging takes off at London Gatwick Airport 

London Gatwick Electric Forecourt

GRIDSERVE is off to a flying start in 2024 with the launch of its latest and most important Electric Forecourt® yet, located at the South Terminal of London Gatwick Airport. London Gatwick is the first European international airport to benefit from a dedicated electric vehicle (EV) charging station, and one that is powered exclusively by net zero carbon energy.

You’ll find an energising 30 EV charging bays at the London Gatwick Electric Forecourt®, the vast majority (22) being our 350kW-capable High Power chargers. These industry-leading EV chargers are available 24/7, feature both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors and allow the latest electric models to acquire 100 miles of range in less than 10 minutes.

There are also four 22kW-capable Low Power AC chargers and four Tesla Superchargers on site, ensuring all types of electric vehicle can charge easily.

On a scale of one to 10, we know the difficulty of decarbonising the aviation industry by 2050 is around 15. The importance of decarbonisation – for the industry and for the rest of us – rates a 15 as well, so the sector will need to apply a portfolio of solutions to help it reach net zero.

In the meantime, London Gatwick and GRIDSERVE are helping to decarbonise the airport ecosystem and this site’s estimated 30 million annual visitors – the travellers, employees, rental companies and taxi companies – by facilitating cleaner, better transport choices.

Since GRIDSERVE launched the world’s first Electric Forecourt® in Braintree in 2020, our mission has always been to create an EV charging experience that is fundamentally better than filling a car with petrol or diesel. London Gatwick takes things to the next level.

While the building may look similar in style to the Norwich Electric Forecourt®, the internal format is quite different, as are the opening times: 4.30am to 10pm coincides with the vast majority of international flights.

Upstairs has been split into three distinct zones. Firstly, there’s a Little Fresh convenience store that features Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology – you simply tap your contactless payment card or smartphone wallet to enter the store, grab any items you need and leave. Myriad sensors (and a little bit of witchcraft) do the rest.

There’s also a Costa Coffee store, now with more seating options and the ability for Costa Club members to pre-order and pay for selected food and drinks prior to arrival. Most visually impactful, however, is the new electric vehicle experience area. Whether it’s combatting a few tabloid myths, learning about maximum charging speeds or booking a test drive, our expert and impartial EV gurus are here to make learning more about electric vehicles your favourite new year’s resolution.

Full details of the newly opened London Gatwick Electric Forecourt® are available in the press hub, and you can stay updated on all future London Gatwick news here.