Writing the rulebook for the EV era

The transition to a sustainable economy requires products that are designed differently, made differently and used differently.

That’s why we’ve taken a clean-sheet approach to the development of our pioneering Electric Forecourt® facilities.

  • Latest EV charging technology
  • Contactless payment facilities
  • Award-winning services and amenities
  • Powered by sustainable energy

GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourts®

Electric Forecourt®

Now open

Norwich Electric Forecourt®

The future of EV charging has arrived
in Postwick. Fancy a look around?

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Electric Forecourt®

Now open

Braintree Electric Forecourt®

Our first location in Braintree, Essex, is where we moved from concept to reality

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Electric Forecourt®

Coming soon

Gatwick Electric Forecourt®

Our next Electric Forecourt® will be at Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal

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Designed to be different

The Electric Forecourt® has established a new visual identity that speaks both to our sustainable energy origins and our dedication to decarbonise everything we do. We’re working towards zero emissions construction and we want the decisions we’re taking to inspire other businesses to build more thoughtfully.

Electric Forecourts®

Copper cladding

A building that promotes and facilitates some pretty significant societal change needs to have an expressive colour palette, and copper is our calling card. It’s also a major component in electric vehicle motors, batteries, inverters and in charging stations.

Electric Forecourts®

Curved corners

From a structural engineering point of view, curves are really difficult. Yet from an aesthetic point of view, curves look awesome and are core to our aesthetic vision.

Electric Forecourts®

Solar array

Charging an electric vehicle is only ever going to be as clean as the inputs used, which is why we’re making deep commitments to developing a Sun-to-Wheel energy ecosystem. The solar panels seen on site are also used to power our buildings.

Electric Forecourts®

Living walls

Our in-house nature sanctuary manager develops native-specific planting schemes at every Electric Forecourt® to ensure net gains in biodiversity. This often includes green walls, which help to clean the air and insulate the building, while irrigation is provided by a rainwater harvesting system.

More than an EV charging destination

From EV awareness days to environmental talks, there’s always something going on at our Electric Forecourts®.

Community first

We’re driven by a desire to deliver an EV charging network that works for everyone, including drivers who are unable to charge their car at home.The Electric Forecourt® has the ability to change the charging paradigm overnight, proving that change can be empowering rather than painful. Every Electric Forecourt® is also designed specifically to serve the needs of its local community, providing a social glue to bind both people and ideas.

Frequently asked questions

We welcome all drivers (walkers or cyclists) to our Electric Forecourts® because it’s a destination for everyone to enjoy. Visit us to grab a latte from Costa Coffee, find something inspired for dinner from M&S Food or send a parcel from the Post Office.

If you don’t have an electric vehicle yet you can also ask us any questions and even test drive some of the latest models.

There’s no better way to decide on a new car than take it for a test drive, particularly if you’re thinking of switching to an electric car. GRIDSERVE offers a one-stop shop to test, lease and charge your next car at our Electric Forecourt® locations. You can experience back-to-back test drives for a whole range of new car makes and models. Fancy test driving an electric car? Book a Test Drive 

You don’t need to pay for parking at our Electric Forecourts®, and you’re welcome to stay as long as you like while using our facilities or charging your electric vehicle.

We love our pets at GRIDSERVE, and we have space for man’s best friend to stretch their paws. However, only service animals are allowed inside the building.

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