Our award-winning Electric Forecourts® provide the best EV charging experience

  • Charge your EV using the latest technology, supplied by 100% renewable energy
  • Enjoy fully accessible EV charging bays with contactless payment
  • Test drive the latest and most popular electric car models
  • Shop and eat with your favourite brands, including M&S Food, Costa and WHSmith
  • Work in comfort with our rentable office pods
  • Learn more about making the switch in our dedicated EV showroom

GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourts®

Now open


The world’s first-ever Electric Forecourt®, opened in December 2020

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Now open


Opened in April 2022, our first compact Electric Forecourt®

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Now open

London Gatwick

The first EV charging station at an international airport

Discover Gatwick
Under construction


Providing EV charging infrastructure beside the iconic Knebworth Estate

Discover Stevenage
Planning approved


A compact Electric Forecourt® delivering EV charging to the north east

Discover Gateshead
Planning approved


Putting Essex at the forefront of the UK’s electric vehicle transition

Discover Nevendon
Planning approved


Unlocking EV driving in the south west with a site near Home Park Stadium

Discover Plymouth
Planning approved

Markham Vale

Supporting electric car drivers on the M1 and the Peak District

Discover Markham Vale
In planning


A Solar Electric Forecourt® close to the famous port town

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In planning


A compact Electric Forecourt® helping Leeds to become a sustainable city

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In planning


Putting the Wirral on the EV map and helping local drivers make the transition

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In planning


Boosting local EV charging and supporting holidays in the south west

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In planning


Our first Electric Forecourt® in Scotland with a new site in Glasgow

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Charging at an Electric Forecourt®

Equipped with CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, our High Power chargers are some of the most powerful in the country and can provide a maximum 350kW capacity, meaning the latest electric vehicles can gain 100 miles of range in less than 10 minutes.

Our Low Power chargers provide even more EV charging flexibility as they use a Type 2 connector and provide a maximum 22kW capacity. You’ll find the Type 2 connector on most plug-in electric vehicles, regardless of age.

Paying for your charging session with GRIDSERVE is easier than one, two, three. To pay, simply tap your contactless card or device against the payment terminal, which supports Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. We also accept Allstar One Electric, Allstar visa and Mina Chargepass.

Our Electric Forecourt® designs include disabled parking, access ramps, accessible washrooms, lifts to access all areas and braille on the signage throughout the interior of the building. We engage with relevant parties to audit Electric Forecourt® sites and suggest continuous improvements that also go on to inform our future designs.

Retail and relaxation at an Electric Forecourt®

An Electric Forecourt® is much more than an EV charging destination. It features inspiring areas to work, rest and shop, with some of your favourite brands including M&S Food, Costa and WHSmith. There are office pods that are rentable by the hour, plus a dedicated electric vehicle showroom – just without any pushy sales people. Our EV Gurus are always on hand to help when you need them.


We’re driven by a desire to deliver an EV charging network that works for everyone, including drivers who are unable to charge their car at home. The Electric Forecourt® has the ability to change the charging paradigm overnight, proving that change can be empowering rather than painful. Every Electric Forecourt® is also designed specifically to serve the needs of its local community, providing a social glue to bind both people and ideas.

Frequently asked questions

Talk to our GRIDSERVE EV Gurus

If you don’t have an electric vehicle yet, why not speak to one of our GRIDSERVE EV Gurus? Each Electric Forecourt® has its own team of impartial experts that know their kW from their kWh, so you can ask them any questions about charging or making the switch to electric. We even have some of the latest and most popular EV models available for test drive.

Experience the ease of charging at our Electric Forecourts®, each featuring an array of High Power chargers, alongside retail options, and great coffee.  

Depending on the site you’ll find a range of chargers including: 

  • DC High Power chargers up to 350kW (CCS & CHAdeMO) 
  • AC Low Power chargers (Type 2) up to 22kW 
  • Tesla Superchargers (with CCS)

Dive into the world of electric mobility at our EV Experience Centres and take the wheel with test drives in a variety of bestselling cars. All our locations are tailored to enhance your electric vehicle experience from top to bottom. 

At Braintree and Norwich Electric Forecourts®, enjoy unlimited parking while at Gatwick Electric Forecourt ® please be aware there is a one hour parking limit, just enough time to top up your battery and grab a snack. 

Visit the links for detailed information on each site:


Our Electric Forecourts® showcase the latest, best-selling electric vehicles from a variety of brands and our EV leasing consultants are more than happy to walk you through the myriad advantages of driving electric.

There’s no better way to decide if a new car is right for you than by taking a test drive. GRIDSERVE offers a one-stop shop to test, lease and charge your next electric car at its Electric Forecourt® locations.

You can experience back-to-back test drives for a whole range of makes and models, making it easier than ever to find your next dream car.

Fancy test driving an electric car? Click here to book your preferred model at a convenient time and date.

Talk to our GRIDSERVE EV Gurus

If you don’t have an electric vehicle yet, why not speak to one of our GRIDSERVE EV Gurus? Each Electric Forecourt® has its own team of impartial experts that know their kW from their kWh, so you can ask them any questions about charging or making the switch to electric. We even have some of the latest and most popular EV models available for test drive.

At Braintree and Norwich Electric Forecourts ® we have no time limits on parking and plenty of space, so you’re welcome to stay as long as you like.

However, for those planning to visit the Gatwick Electric Forecourt®, we have a simple system for parking bays.

You’re welcome to park for an hour while you shop or unwind, completely charge-free. Once your hour is done, just scoot off to avoid any unexpected charges.

Our parking is managed by NexusPark and is in place to due to the space limitations of this site. Our aim is to keep people flowing through the forecourt and allow all customer to enjoy our services.

By understanding the parking policy, you can experience at Gatwick Electric Forecourt® stress free. Remember, we’re here to help, so please each out if you need anything.

Need a workspace that will inspire? Our Electric Forecourts® have private meeting rooms that can be booked online and are rentable by the hour.

Key features include TV screens, frosted privacy glass, an air purifier and free WiFi.

You can book one of our meeting rooms online here.

Our meeting rooms start from just £16/hour. To book yours, please click here.

To cancel your meeting room booking, please select the ‘amend your booking’ option in the body of your email confirmation and follow the prompts. If you have any questions, please get in touch via our contact us form or live chat here.

We don’t provide catering or tea and coffee with a meeting room booking. However, you can purchase hot and cold refreshments from Costa Coffee and M&S Food.

You’re welcome to consume snacks in the meeting pods, but we kindly ask that you leave the rooms as they were when you arrived.

Designed to be different

The Electric Forecourt® has established a new visual identity that speaks both to our sustainable energy origins and our dedication to decarbonise everything we do. We’re working towards zero emissions construction and we want the decisions we’re taking to inspire other businesses to build more thoughtfully.

Charging an electric vehicle is only ever going to be as clean as the inputs used, which is why we’re making deep commitments to developing a Sun-to-Wheel energy ecosystem. The solar panels seen on site are also used to power our buildings, working in tandem with onsite battery storage systems.

Our in-house nature sanctuary manager develops native-specific planting schemes at every Electric Forecourt® to ensure net gains in biodiversity. This often includes green walls, which help to clean the air and insulate the building, while irrigation is provided by a rainwater harvesting system.

A building that promotes and facilitates some pretty significant societal change needs to have an expressive colour palette, and copper is our calling card. It’s also a major component in electric vehicle motors, batteries, inverters and in charging stations.

From a structural engineering point of view, curves are really difficult. Yet from an aesthetic point of view, curves look awesome and are core to our aesthetic vision.

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