01 Check where your
charge port is located

While most EV manufacturers locate their charge ports at the rear of the car, there are some brands that conceal their charge ports in the bonnet, the front wings or even behind the grille.

02 Check your charge port type


This is the most common connector type for European electric vehicles from Peugeot to Porsche, and it’s quickly becoming the predominant connector type.


CHAdeMO is the connector type favoured by some Japanese car brands, including Nissan and its popular Leaf.

Type 2

Most electrified cars available will be compatible with a Type 2 connector, including plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs). This offers a comparatively slower charge rate that’s more suitable for longer parking sessions.

03 Plug your car in before activating the charger

This next point may sound simple but always plug your car in before you press the start button on the charger. The connection should feel solid, like a confident handshake, and that’s the point where the GRIDSERVE charger will start to communicate with your car to understand the maximum charge and maximum speed of charge it can administer.

04 Tap your contactless payment card on the front of the charger

Once the charger has communicated with your electric car, you’ll be asked to tap your contactless debit or credit card, Apple or Google Pay app on the black payment panel located next to the charging holster. You’ll hear a beep, after which your car will start charging on sustainable energy. We temporarily reserve a fee from your bank account to facilitate contactless payment, which is known as a ‘pre-authorisation’ or ‘holding fee’. Currently the fee is £1 along the Electric Highway or £35 at Rugby MOTO services. It’s returned after your charging session has completed.

05 End your charge

How long it takes to charge your electric car will depend on the size of your car’s battery, the speed of the charger and the car’s ability to accept this charge. When you do decide to end your EV charging session, simply press the stop button on the touchscreen. You can then disconnect the charging connector from your car and hang it back in the holster. Please do not press the emergency stop button to finish your charging session unless there is a genuine emergency.

Need a receipt?

Easy. Visit our receipt portal, where you’ll be asked to enter the last four digits of the contactless credit or debit card you used to pay for a charge, as well as the location of the EV charging session.

If you require any onsite charging assistance, you can contact our 24/7 customer service hotline on 0333 1234 333, or use our chat function.