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Whether you have high-mileage employees or a busy fleet, corporate and company fuel cards offer seamless expense management and convenience for your business.

We currently accept Allstar, Paua and Plugsurfing cards across the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway.

We accept three types of contactless Allstar cards as payment on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway:

• Allstar One Electric
• Allstar Visa
• Mina Chargepass.

Simply plug in and tap your card against the contactless payment terminal (not the RFID reader) to activate your charge, just as you would with a contactless payment card or device.


When you use an Allstar card for payment, Allstar manages the billing process. Therefore, the GRIDSERVE receipt portal will not display a receipt for transactions made with an Allstar card. Instead, please refer to your invoice from Allstar for detailed information.

For Allstar enquiries:

If you have any questions about the types of cards offered, billing, or receipts, please don’t hesitate to contact Allstar at:

New customers: 0345 266 5101 or www.allstarcard.co.uk

Existing customers: 0370 419 5165 or fast.admin@allstarcard.co.uk

Through the Paua app, drivers can actively access the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, effortlessly locating charging stations, initiating charging sessions, and making payments in one convenient place. Drivers are also supplied with an RFID card.

To start and stop a charge session, simply tap your Paua RFID card on the payment terminal or select the charger in the Paua app.

Payment history and receipts:

You can find charging history on the Paua app dashboard. You will receive a single invoice with a list of completed charging sessions at the end of each month. You will not be able to locate your receipts for these sessions in the GRIDSERVE receipt portal.

Paua enquiries:

To get started with Paua or to find out more, please sign up here.

If you’re an existing Paua customer and need support, you can start a live chat in the app or fill out the online form here.

Through the Plugsurfing app, you can access chargers across the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, with locating a charger, availability, pricing and payment all handled in one simple place. Simply tap your Plugsurfing charging card or key to get started.

Payment history and receipts:

Your charging sessions will be stored on the app in your Activity tab, where you’ll see a detailed review of charging session history and a summary of monthly activities, including session times and payment details. As a result, these sessions won’t be available in the GRIDSERVE receipt portal.

Plugsurfing enquiries:

To find out more about Plugsurfing or download the app, visit here.

If you’re an existing Plugsurfing customer and need support, you can start a live chat or check out FAQs here.

Good to know: Contactless payment options

For more information about how to use contactless payment methods on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, please visit our support article here.

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