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When we are building out new EV charging infrastructure on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, our teams can plan and develop accessible features that can better support all of today’s drivers. However, we have encountered challenges with some acquired infrastructure at our Electric Hubs that may not have originally been planned with accessibility in mind.

The design of our latest Electric Super Hubs includes accessible bays that are extra wide and feature chevrons to ensure generous spacing on all sides of the vehicle.

These extra wide bays are to be prioritised for those with access needs, ensuring that EV charging is both available and easy for those drivers with additional requirements.

EV charging etiquette dictates that accessible bays should always be the last bay to be occupied, unless it is occupied by a disabled driver or a driver with additional access needs.

We recognise that there may be times when it is the only remaining available charger so, in this circumstance and in the interest of minimising queuing, all drivers can use accessible bays to charge.

However, we do ask that drivers remain considerate of others, staying close to their vehicle in the case they can swap bays when another EV charger becomes available. This allows the accessible bay to remain available for those that need it most.

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