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GRIDSERVE launches electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme

GRIDSERVE has launched a salary sacrifice scheme which can save drivers up to 40% off a brand new electric vehicle.

Yes, you read that right. We’re making it easier and more affordable than ever for UK businesses and employees to make the switch to EV.

It’s all thanks to some nifty accounting – and don’t worry it’s all completely above board with the tax man.


Ok, tell me more about how it works…

Salary sacrifice schemes allow you to give up a portion of your pre-tax salary in return for goods or services – this can be anything from gym membership to healthcare or childcare.

In our case, a single lump sum pays for the lease of a new electric car – including servicing, insurance, tyres and breakdown cover.

By deducting the amount before you’re taxed, it means that your taxable income is reduced and you end up paying less income and National Insurance Contributions (NIC). Who doesn’t want that, right?

The amount you’ll save depends on which tax bracket you’re in. Higher rate earners will save 40% and those on the lower rate will save 20%.

For a complete rundown of the maths, including Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) rules, check out our complete guide here.


Sounds great. How do I take advantage?

To get involved in the scheme, your company will need to sign up. Good news is that it’s totally free for them to do so.

GRIDSERVE will then operate the scheme and provide the lease car, which you can drive around for the length of your contract. It’s like a regular lease just loads cheaper. You can thank us later.

If you want to get involved, contact us here.


What’s included in my monthly payment?

Our Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice scheme makes it really easy. With a single deduction taken from your salary by your HR or finance team before it arrives in your account, you’ll get the following:

  • Monthly lease price
  • Fully comprehensive insurance for you and additional drivers
  • All annual services, including replacements – e.g. wiper blades and brake pads
  • All planned replacement tyres
  • Annual breakdown cover
  • Three months of free charging on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway

We’re also offering you the option of adding home wallbox installation. The cost will be spread over the contract length and added to the single deduction. Simple.


I suppose there are restrictions on what car I can choose?

Absolutely not! There are no company car lists or rules on what you can and can’t drive. We’ve got more than 60 models to choose from – from Audi to Volkswagen and everything in between. Check out the latest cars here.

And why not register for a test drive at one of our Electric Forecourts® to see which model suits you best.

We’ll also be working with companies to run EV roadshows to bring the test drive experience to you so that everyone can get the chance to try before they sign.