Net zero is taking off

Every industry is making commitments to become carbon neutral in the coming decades. A big clean-up is underway, as big business is taking responsibility for its environment and moving towards more sustainable ways of operating.

“Gatwick is pleased to partner with GRIDSERVE to deliver this fantastic and sustainable service. We are on a journey to create a low carbon economy, and Gatwick is keen to play an important role by providing new infrastructure that everyone can use, so that together we can start reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.”


– Jonathan Pollard
Chief Commercial Officer, Gatwick Airport

How every Electric Forecourt® is developed

Using proprietary geodata, we identify areas of the UK that are most in need of EV charging infrastructure and put together a proposal for the local community to consider.

We collate all community feedback, making changes that add value, while monitoring any impacts on traffic, noise and ecology. This plan is then submitted to the local council for consideration. 

With planning permission approved, we can begin construction, building both sustainably and quickly while always trying to mitigate any disruption to the local area 

With our EV chargers installed, local staff recruited and retail partners open for business, the filling station of the future is ready to serve, providing affordable, dependable sustainable energy. 

Frequently asked questions

The site is already in construction and is scheduled to open in early 2023. Keep an eye on our social channels for more information.

We do plan to issue membership and loyalty cards at some point in the future but for now we offer contactless payment to keep it simple. Send us an email at if you’d like to be notified when our frequent charging membership scheme launches.

Yes, we can charge almost any EV on site. Please note that this does not currently apply to HGVs but we’re working on that.

No, due to high demand, you or an attendant must remain on the premises while charging. We would love to host you all day, but the next driver needs space to charge. This policy also applies to our guest parking bays.