Mitigate Impact.
Combat climate change.

Nature’s solution

A desire to address the complex issues of climate change, decarbonising energy, and preserving biodiversity drives our obsession with EV power.

We believe that nature delivers the answer. So we turn sunshine into affordable, sustainable power eradicating the reliance of humankind on carbon-emitting fuels.


The tipping point

Our world’s incredible biodiversity works with each organism doing its bit to create a status quo that keeps temperatures and carbon at optimum levels.

However, since the Industrial Revolution, we have pumped more than 400 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere overloading this system.

Now, we are at an environmental tipping point.

Understanding zero carbon and net zero




When GRIDSERVE generates power at a solar farm, the result is Zero Carbon energy because the source is renewable, and the production releases no carbon. We harness the energy of pure, new sunshine in batteries. This is the nirvana of power generation.

Supplying Net Zero energy is like creating an environmental balance sheet that offsets emissions. To achieve this balance, we plant trees to absorb some of the carbon created in an EV’s production process. We also replace the energy we use at our Electric Forecourts® by feeding clean power from our solar farms straight into the Grid.

Between 2013 and 2020, we connected around 1GW of sustainable energy projects to the UK grid. We do this to help #deliver a net zero energy supply to the UK and to move the needle on climate change, by using the power of the world’s most plentiful energy source. The sun.


The way we move

In the UK, transport produces more harmful greenhouse gases than anything else. As well as causing damage on a global level, the impact on human health is profound, with links to stroke, cancers and lung diseases like asthma.

If you use Electric Vehicles powered by renewable energy, you don’t burn harmful fuel. Every car counts. The air becomes cleaner and we can slow climate change, ecosystems can regenerate, and our health can improve. 

Blaze a net zero trail

A two-car family completing an average mileage of 9,196 miles a year releases 4.6 tons of carbon into the atmosphere. You can save the planet, improve your health and save money by acting now.

Simply switch to an Electric Vehicle and use planet friendly energy to power your journey.

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We are looking for UK land to grow our sustainable network. We offer up to £5,000 in referral rewards* and a generous lifetime income for landowners.