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All chargers available on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway accept contactless payment, making them accessible to all electric vehicle drivers.

There’s no need for an app or membership to charge with us.

Paying for your charging session with GRIDSERVE is easier than one, two, three.

To pay, simply tap your contactless card or device against the payment terminal, which supports Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

We also accept fuel and membership cards such as Allstar One Electric, Allstar Visa, Mina Chargepass, Paua and Plugsurfing.

We are looking forward to launching a GRIDSERVE membership scheme and more details will be available soon.

Even after we launch our membership scheme, we’ll continue to offer contactless payment for all, so you will always be able to charge on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway.

The GRIDSERVE app is coming soon and will provide lots of additional functionality that we hope you’ll love. We’re really looking forward to telling you more about it.

Top tip: Taking payment

Once you’ve tapped your card or device to start a charge, you’ll automatically be charged once you stop your session.

The amount you have paid will be displayed on the screen of the payment terminal.

You can use our portal to find a receipt here.


To learn more about pricing on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, please visit our pricing page here.

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