We have a planet-sized problem

Sustainable energy is the answer

GRIDSERVE in numbers

GRIDSERVE specialise in developing, engineering, building, and operating sophisticated and robust hybrid energy solutions that seamlessly integrate renewable energy with energy storage. We are technology agnostic, advocating best in class product choices and deploy turnkey, modular, scalable, hybrid solar solutions.

We installed over 150,000 bifacial solar panels in the last year
They capture more than 70 GWh of clean energy each year​
That’s enough energy to drive 250 million miles
And will reduce carbon emissions by 49,963 tons
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173,000 Terawatts of energy

A total of 173,000 trillion watts of solar energy strikes the earth continuously. This means the sun bathes the earth hourly, with enough light and heat energy to fulfil global needs for a whole year. In other words, solar radiation can satisfy our planetary energy needs 10,000 times over.

Our solar future is bright

With costs decreasing more than 80% over the last decade, and the amount of power collected from solar energy worldwide increasing over 300-fold in the last 20 years, we are on a very encouraging trajectory. 2021 will see more than 115 gigawatts of solar installed across the world – that is more than all other generation technologies put together.

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It gets better

Going forward, the solar industry has very clear cost-reduction road maps which will see solar costs halving again by 2030.

In addition, R&D programs forecast higher efficiencies, more production and more material innovations. This will make solar power by far the most economic and secure way to generate energy.

Climate Change – the ugly facts

It’s hard to talk about climate change without using frightening statistics. But the science is conclusive. The United Nations IPCC continues to state that the temperature of our planet is rising at an alarming rate, indeed much faster than we initially thought.

The climate emergency is upon us and we need to act now.

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Green House Gases (GHG’s)

Scientist agree that climate change is caused by an increase of GHG emissions in the atmosphere. These come from a variety of sectors with the most prominent being electric power (28%) and transportation (28%.)
Solar power produces clean, emission-free electricity that can help us to reduce these harmful GHG emissions.

A value beyond just energy

The value of renewable energy impacts adjacent industries too. A recent MIT study predicts that investments in clean energy generation would result in a return on investment of 34% in reduced healthcare costs alone due to reduced air pollution.

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A Sanctuary For Nature

GRIDSERVE recognise the opportunity to turn our solar farms into nature sanctuaries and we are busy developing a new program called The Nature Sanctuary Network

Nature needs our help.. bees never more so – they are essential workers that help food to grow and keep the cycle of life turning.

As a first step plan in this endeavour we are planting wildflowers and beehives in our solar farms to help them out.

We need to #deliver

It’s clear solar power has a very promising future and could be the clean energy solution our planet is craving as it stacks up both technically and commercially.

It’s also clear that we need to take critical action now to ensure a future for our generations to come. To us what’s crystal clear is that we need to #deliver.

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