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10,000 trees purchased and ready to plant

We are pleased to announce that we’ve just purchased 10,000 trees through our EV leasing programme.

We did this because deforestation is one of the greatest threats to our climate and together we can help our planet. A staggering 15 billion trees are cut down every year, which is deeply concerning when you consider just how vital an abundance of trees is for keeping our climate cool.

The world emits 43.1 billion tons of C02 each year from practices like fossil fuel burning, electricity and heating, manufacturing and transport. A single mature tree absorbs approximately 22kgs/48lbs of carbon each year.

Simply put, more trees are needed for sequestering carbon and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, providing oxygen, and balancing the planet’s temperature. Trees also aid in water conservation, soil preservation, and support biodiversity.

They are essential for a healthy environment. Our partner organisation, One Tree Planted states that forests are life-changing to communities with the 1.6 billion jobs they provide – many of which empower women in underdeveloped countries or support communities devastated by environmental damage.

What have trees got to do with EVs?

Pure EVs emit zero carbon after manufacture, so switching our transportation to electric is vital to meet climate goals. However, energy is obviously required to manufacture the vehicles and battery production still contributes to greenhouse gases.

EV production is not 100% environmentally sound yet, but as an industry, it is certainly moving in the right direction. And very quickly in comparison to petrol and diesel cars that have had over a century in production. EV manufacturers are aware of this and are using more renewable energy each year as they produce cars for a changing world.

We love that manufacturers are becoming more conscious of their footprint, and in an effort to go one step further in helping our environment, we will plant 100 trees to help to offset the emissions created in the manufacture of your EV.

We are aware that this is not a fool proof solution, as the manufacturers of different car models produce varying emissions. But that isn’t stopping us from trying to strike a balance and ensure that every new GRIDSERVE EV driver has a better carbon transport footprint.

By leasing an EV, and charging with us, you can get on the road to net zero or even carbon negative driving and we can plant 10,000 more trees!


Corridors of Life: A multi-year reforestation effort in Brazil

Morro do Diabo, Brazil, one of the regions our 100 trees programme supports.

As part of our commitment to moving the needle on climate, we are supporting two unique tree-planting projects with 10,000 trees from our EV leasing service. The first is the Corridors of Life, an incredible reforestation project that has been thoughtfully designed to prioritise critical areas for conservation in Brazil. The project simultaneously addresses climate change, supports local communities, and improves biodiversity.

Unfortunately, Brazil’s Atlantic Forest now covers only 12% of its original area. The restoration project will enlarge and eventually connect the fragmented forest, which is essential for maintaining viable flora and fauna populations. Once completed, this multi-year reforestation effort will create over 60,000 hectares of forest connectivity for endemic and endangered species and improve the livelihoods of approximately 1,000 families.


Restoring woodlands in Scotland’s wild heart

We’re also thrilled to be supporting a second project in Scotland with 5,000 trees that will be planted within two Wild Heart sites, Corehead and the Devil’s Beef Tub, and Talla & Gameshope, areas that span 3,100 hectares in total.

Forest clearance followed by centuries of sheep grazing has caused a large loss of native woodland, a vital component of the natural habitat in this area. As a result, the Scottish Borders have the lowest coverage of Native woodland, which is why we have chosen to restore it.

The restoration project has already seen 1.1 million trees planted with incredible ecological results, thanks to a score of fantastic volunteers. The next phase we are supporting will build upon this work and help to restore a truly significant natural woodland area to the region.

The overarching goal is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem within the Wild Heart region that will be overtaken by biological processes so that the woodland remains in perpetuity.

We can’t overstate the benefits of these initiatives. The creation of new woodlands will have a significant impact on the area’s biodiversity, supporting a range of plant, bird, invertebrate, and mammal species. It will also have the added benefit of sequestering a greater amount of carbon from the atmosphere and mitigate the risk of flooding by intercepting rainwater flow.

Planting trees also helps to bind and stabilise soil, reducing the risk of landslides on the steeper planes. All in all, it’s a huge win for the environment, local species, and local communities, and to say we’re excited about it here at GRIDSERVE is an understatement!


GRIDSERVE EVs are planet-friendly and economical!

There’s never been a better time to start driving an EV, and we’re proud to be taking it a step further. Our reforestation initiatives and renewable energy charging infrastructure are really making a difference to local communities while simultaneously securing the future health of our planet.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, then let’s join forces! Lease your EV from GRIDSERVE and become part of a global, carbon-cutting solution. To find an awesome electric car and plant 100 trees of your own visit our website here.