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GRIDSERVE team win two prestigious EVIES21 awards


We’re honoured to have won both the ‘Charging Destination of the Year’ and ‘Chargepoint Network of the Year’ categories at the Electric Vehicle Innovation & Excellence Awards for 2021.

Charging Destination of the Year 2021

The Electric Vehicle Innovation & Excellence Awards celebrate the best and brightest in the emerging EV industry, and we couldn’t be more pleased to announce that our flagship Electric Forecourt® in Braintree, Essex, has just secured us the Charging Destination of the Year award for 2021.

When GRIDSERVE set out to create the Electric Forecourt®, we wanted to rewrite the script on EV charging in the UK. Giving our customers a place where they could charge up on our net zero energy quickly, reliably, and affordably was our main goal – but we also wanted to create a genuinely enjoyable experience. With a variety of convenient retail options available, as well as premium facilities like meeting pods and a play area for children, we think we’ve done just that.

If you haven’t experienced our Forecourt® yet first-hand, you’ll be glad to know that we have 100 currently in the works across the UK, starting with Norwich and Gatwick.

The Electric Forecourt® in Braintree allows for simultaneous charging of up to 36 vehicles at 30p/ kWh.

Chargepoint Network of the Year 2021

The GRIDSERVE Electric Highway currently covers 85% of the UK motorway and offers the fastest charging speeds available.

We’re also thrilled to have won Chargepoint Network of the Year. Driven by our mission to build an EV infrastructure that works for everyone, the team have been working hard to upgrade the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway since acquiring it in June.

We’ve managed to refit one charging location every day on average with our best-in-class technology to give you faster, more dependable charging and convenient contactless payment options. We’ll also be adding more CHAdeMO chargers, as well as AC connectors, and an additional 130 22kW AC pedestal chargers across 80 sites this year.

We are humbled to have won this award and to see over 10,000 charging sessions delivered each week from our new chargers. It feels good to know that we’re really making a difference to EV drivers across the UK.

We promise to continue electrifying the nation with seamless charging experiences. The switch to green motoring should be effortless and exciting, and that’s a mission that drives us everyday here at GRIDSERVE.

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GRIDSERVE is a tech-enabled sustainable energy business whose purpose is to deliver sustainable energy and move the needle on climate change. It has pioneered a Sun-to-Wheel ecosystem that includes the most advanced hybrid solar + battery farms, award-winning electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and a customer-centric electric vehicle leasing platform.