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How to find out how much you’re paying for your electric car charge

Contactless payment card

We’re all about being open and transparent on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, and that’s why we want to make it as clear as possible when it comes to pricing.

New regulations came into force in November 2023 to ensure all chargers across the UK clearly display pricing up front.

The good news is that all our chargers – that’s Low Power, Medium Power and High Power – are already fully compliant, with multiple ways for you to check pricing before you plug in.

How to check charger pricing

On all our chargers you’ll find a ‘current pricing’ sticker. This has a link to where you can check out the price (in pence per kWh) of our chargers.

Clearly stickers can degrade over time (or something could be stuck over it, which is why, on our Medium Power and High Power chargers, we also display pricing on the welcome screen ahead of charging. Once you plug in and start a charge, the kWh price will also be displayed again.

The High Power chargers at Moto Rugby are slightly different units, so if you plug in here, you’ll find the normal stickers but rather than on screen, the price will also show on the contactless payment terminal screen.

That’s the same as at our Low Power AC chargers where we don’t have a screen at all. You’ll find the price on the contactless payment terminal screen before you tap your card.

What we’re doing in the future

Checking pricing stickers is part of our regular maintenance checks carried out by our field service engineers and we’ll replace it if it becomes damaged or obscured.

And when we install new chargers, you can be sure that we’ll always have multiple ways to display pricing so you know exactly what you’re paying for your energy.