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Troy Hawke Greeter’s Guild at Moto Exeter 

Troy Hawke Greeter's Guild at GRIDSERVE EV charging station in Moto Exeter MG4

Our pitch to Troy Hawke was simple.

We told him about GRIDSERVE and the fact we’re addressing the climate emergency. We told him about the solar farms we’re building across the UK, because this form of energy generation is 10 times cheaper than oil or gas, doesn’t need to get burned into the atmosphere and doesn’t have to travel in a big ship to get here. So long term, we’ll save money and won’t die.

We then told him how the energy we’re generating is going into powering our emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, which we’re building all over the country ahead of demand, like Wallace and Gromit laying tracks ahead of a train. Cars, vans, motorcycles and even trucks can now decarbonise thanks to our network – cool, right?

At this point, Troy stroked his pencil thin moustache (probably) and concluded he liked the cut of our jib, which is why he then packed his smoking jacket and cravat to an overcast Moto Exeter, to pay homage to the everyday hero that is the electric vehicle driver. This upgraded site is one of 26 Moto-based GRIDSERVE Electric Super Hub locations and features 24 High Power, 350kW-capable EV charging bays.

Troy Hawke Greeter's Guild at GRIDSERVE EV charging station in Moto Exeter

They feature both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, which covers the vast majority of electric cars on sale, and are powerful enough for the latest models to acquire 100 miles of range in less than 10 minutes. The perfect amount of time for a quick coffee and a dashing compliment from the UK’s favourite 1930s inspired, Scrabble-playing well-wisher.

Anybody who has witnessed Troy’s antics and sartorial swagger on TikTok will attest that his greetings are offered with warmth, wit and spread infectious good cheer. We need a bit of that.

“Charging time is you time”, he says. And with that, let’s celebrate the climate champions of Exeter and hiss at the fossil fuel laggards. In jest, you’ll be assured.