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Can you drive an electric car to every Premier League stadium?

Thousands of fans travel up and down the country each weekend, racking up hundreds of miles to support their football teams.

Spare a thought for Plymouth and Sunderland fans who face a 1,200-mile round trip for their Championship fixture.

The dedication on display is admirable, especially given the cost of train tickets and fuel. And this travel also comes at a significant carbon cost.

But what if you switched your travel to electric? Can you support your team while going green?

As official electric vehicle partner of Fulham FC, GRIDSERVE has crunched the numbers…

Over land and sea (well, not quite)

In total, Fulham fans will rack up over 4,000 miles on the road this season, averaging 236 miles for each away trip.

The good news is the average range of an electric car is just over 200 miles, so you’ll comfortably get to the ground on a single charge for most games.

But what if it’s a little further? The longest away trip for Fulham fans this season is a 572-mile round trip to St James’s Park on December 16 for the match against Newcastle.

No car on the market is capable of knocking off that in one go (and we’re not sure many drivers are capable, either, without a comfort break).

Fortunately, the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway has got you got covered.

As you can see from our map, you’re well stocked on all major routes (including the M1 and M6) with High Power chargers. You’ll find these at our Electric Super Hubs, Electric Retail Hubs and Electric Forecourts®.

And for those on the road to Newcastle, you’ll find Moto Washington a convenient location just a few miles from the city centre for a cup of Bovril and a pre-match pie at the on-site facilities.